5 1/2 Years for Fairley Anne Field


You are 5 1/2 years old now, and you’re so excited about it! In typical Fairley fashion, you made a sign and a few announcements about turning 5 1/2. You’re so thrilled to grow up, and I’m thrilled to get to watch you!

Recently, you held a book club. You made a list of friends to invite, asked me to plan a time with their parents, chose a book, and we worked together to plan the activities. Then you executed it with the enthusiasm and skill of a seasoned teacher. You created an afternoon of fun and learning for you and your friends, and it was a joy to be a part of it all! (Interestingly enough, we planned a space theme, and it was on the day of the solar eclipse – so fun!)

Your curiosity and appetite for learning seem to be insatiable. So far this summer, you’ve taught yourself about the solar system, you learned how to write in hieroglyphics, you’ve started reading chapter books, started to learn to code, worked on higher level math problems, counted all the stripes in all the crosswalks (and remembered which ones have the most), created pirate maps and other involved dramatic play, and so much more. It’s been so fun to see your mind develop, and you inspire me in all that you want to continue learning. (And with your ability to learn things quickly has also come this frustration when you can’t get things on the first try, but even with this, you are learning to keep trying and not give up and to see mistakes as an opportunity to keep learning.)

You also continue to have such a grateful heart. One day you spent several stops on the train professing your love and appreciation for me (which was the sweetest). You’ll often spontaneously thank me for what I do – for taking care of you and also for your dad providing for us financially. You have expressed lately how much you love living in NYC, and you really seem to be understanding the benefits of living in an urban context such as this. (You also love visiting Texas because you love your GiGi and Big Dad who live there, and it’s so fun to experience that lifestyle, too.) Basically, you love life, and you seem to be one of those “the grass is always greener where you water it” kind of a person, and for that, I’m thankful.

In Texas, I mentioned that I was going to get some mosquito spray, and you said, “I’m so thankful for mosquito spray! I didn’t even know that that was as thing!”

This year, you’ve started loving to climb and do the monkey bars, and you have persevered and really gotten so proficient at it! One day, you said, “My arms said they were tired, but I tried anyway!” You were also such a fish while we were in Texas! You could swim up and down the whole pool without floaties!

Another physical change is that you just lost your first tooth! You basically plucked it out yourself!! It was such a fun moment, and you retold the story using words like roots and gums and ending it with, “and then BOOM, there it was!”

A funny story from this past season was when you were staying with Gramma and Papa Tay for a few days. You and J.D. were discussing how old everyone would be when you were a certain age. J.D. said something about how old Papa Tay would be when J.D. was a 100. You made sure to let him know, “J.D., when you are 100, Papa Tay will be DEAD!” This made J.D. a little sad, but you seemed ok since it was just a matter of fact.

Here’s another thing you learned this month – “Mom! I heard about another Graffiti that’s not church. It’s bad words people write on the walls of train station!” (I love that your only understanding of “graffiti” up to this point was the loving church where your dad grew up and your grandparents still work.)

You also made a new good friend at school. (Well, you made lots of good friends this year, but we had a play date with this particular friend, and I asked you, “What’s something you like about Jaylen?”)
F: He wouldn’t let me push him. He only pushed me. (on the swing)
M: What’d you think of that?
F: He’s such a gentleman!

We also had a discussion where I explained boyfriends because you had an idea of a boyfriend for me. I explained that I don’t need a boyfriend because I’m married to your daddy. You quickly understood and said, “OH! So boyfriends are like a preview of husbands!” Yup, you got it! (And if the preview isn’t good, they don’t become a husband, I added.) 🙂

Your vocabulary and use of new words and phrases is growing so much as you read. One of my favorites was when your dad complimented you, and you said, “Aww, shucks! It was nothin’!” (I’m thinking that might have come from your new favorite series, “Mercy Watson.”) You also learned a lot of new vocabulary in school. One day I said that I was going to “soak up” something, and you said, “You mean absorb?”

A sweet moment from this season was when we were doing a foot washing ceremony as a family, and you prayed: “Dear God, help me to understand how important it is that you acted like a servant instead of acting like a king. And make J.D.’s insides holy. Amen.”

Speaking of J.D., you really love him. You guys are buds and play together well. You didn’t want to go to dance one  morning because you said you needed that extra hour to play with J.D. One time you even said you wanted you and J.D. to be united as one like God prayed for us to be united with him. (We studied the book of John this year in BSF.)

You truly are a special girl, Fairley Anne Field. You have a big heart, a wild imagination, and a fierce determination. We love you so much and always will. Keep being the incredible, wonderful, amazing girl that God has made you to be. We love you to the moon and back one million times.

Mom and Dad

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