Happy 5th Birthday, Fairley Anne!

2017-02-21 11.34.36


I don’t even know where to begin. You have become quite the little young lady over these past five years. I love so much about the sweet girl that God has made you to be.

-You are devoted – to your family, your friends, God, to anything you love. You love fiercely.

-You talk a lot about God, and you talk to God at night. You also get excited when you hear other people around the city about God because you like the idea that “they know God.”

-At Christmas time, you moved our cross in front of our dancing Santa and said it was because Jesus is more important.

-You started wearing glasses, and they look just like you!

-One day we went on a girls’ day, and you heard something familiar. You said, “I think I’m losing my mind! I thought I heard J.D.!”

-You know the Gospel, and I pray it takes root in your heart and that you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. One day we practiced sharing the Gospel together, and part of your explanation was this: “Because of Jesus, when God looks at our heart, we’re clean. We still sin, but God sees us as clean because of Jesus.” This is something that I sometimes forget and am so glad to know that you’re learning such important truths.

-One day you told me, “You are like Super Girl,” and it really made my day!

-You are adventurous. You are always up for trying something new, and if it seems hard, you’re usually ready to tackle it as an adventure.

-This year for your birthday, we went to the “woods” in Cold Spring. You were thrilled to go on a hike/exploration with your dad. You ended up doing a 2 mile hike + 2 more miles to get there and back. You saw the ruins of an old house and thought that was so cool.

-We also reenacted a little of “Frozen Fever” and had you find all your gifts along a string.

-You choose a S’mores Poke Cake and helped me make it. It was delicious! We made so many fun memories.

-Recently, you started doing air quotes and saying “literally,” and it cracks me up!

-You have a great big heart and continue to be compassionate and kind. You love your brother a lot and tell me often how special he is to you. You welcome him when he comes to visit your class at school. You guys sit together and eat breakfast. I love watching you two together. (That being said, you’re also starting to have typical brother sister annoyances and quarrels, but I know it’s normal, and I’m praying that we can work through even those things with love.)

You are a special part of this family, and you are so very loved. You made us parents, and we’ve loved these past five years with you. Looking forward to so many more!!



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