J.D. – So Close to 3!


J.D. Buddy,

You’ve let me know that you’re Big Dad’s Buddy, so I can’t call you just “Buddy” anymore. You did let me still have “J.D. Buddy” though. Only one more month until you turn 3 years old. How is my baby (who’s actually a big boy) going to be 3?! Here are a few things to remember from this past month:

  • One time while we were in the park, you asked, “Can I hold your hand? There, now your hand will be warm.”
  • We went to visit the Schmidt family, and you said, “Mrs. Shannon, I wish you still lived by our church.”
  • The girls happened to get sick that trip, and on the way home, you said, “Mr. Levi, I’m sorry Galilee and Emmy are sick.”
  • At church one week, you must have bumped your lip. You told me about it later that night, and then leaned toward me. I wasn’t sure what you wanted until I realized that you were leaning in for a kiss. Mommy’s kisses make everything better, I guess!
  • You were singing “Joy to the World” one day on the way to BSF. I was thinking about this line in particular when you said afterward, “Mommy, we need to make room in our hearts for God.” I pray that there’s always so much room in your heart for God.
  • After Sister was home one day for a break, the next day as we prepared to leave for school, you sadly said, “I don’t like when you go to school, Sister.” You guys love each other a lot!
  • You are continually picking up on so many things academically, and you are so ready to go to school. Everyone at Fairley’s school thinks you should start next year. But lucky for me, you still have one more year after that!
  • You continue to have the sweetest heart. I’m seeing more obedience grow in your heart as well as you try to obey the first time and help around the house in your own little ways.

I love you so much, J.D. Buddy! Can’t wait to celebrate with you as you turn 3 next month!



(You love the book in the picture above, and you love that you have an outfit like Froggy’s.)

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