J.D. Field – 2 years, 10 months



The months are flying by, and you are growing so quickly! Here are a few things to remember from this month:

  • You have a super grateful heart. You told the pilot (without me prompting you), “Thank you for the plane ride!” and you told Uncle Aaron, “Thank you for letting us borrow your car!”
  • “I’m scaring myself.” “Why, buddy?” “Because I’m acting like a scary person.” (During the infamous “going to bed” routine, where you can only call us for potty, emergency, or scary dream)
  • But now you’re in a big boy bed!
  • You love wearing “runner shirts” (short-sleeved) and shorts – all the time, even though we live in a rather cold climate (You just say, “I love the cold!”) We’ve settled on wearing warm clothes outside and these clothes inside (where our radiators make our apartment very warm!) So it works!
  • You are obsessed with singing “Silent Night” – on a microphone, or not, for everyone to hear, all the time (bonus points if your “audience” applauds)
  • You got a set of drums for Christmas. Big Dad said, “J.D. get down, man!” (encouraging you to play the drums), and you were confused and said, “Why?!” (You probably thought he meant you were climbing on something.)
  • At lunch one day, we asked Fair, “Are you a little tired?” You chimed in and said, “I’m a LOT tired”!
  • While trying to buckle your car seat in Texas, you said, “Are you even good at this?!” (And the answer is “No, no I’m not.”)
  • You had a great time in Texas and spent a whole week playing with your cousins, Kamryn and Ansley. You, of course, loved your special time with GiGi and Big Dad, too. This was your first time to be away from me and your dad and Fairley all at the same time. You did great! But we were all glad to be reunited and then enjoy more Texas family time altogether!
  • When we got back from Texas, you were used to snuggling, and you were in a big boy bed, so at 4 AM, you came in our room to snuggle. I snuggled for a few minutes, and then said, “Time to go back to your bed.” To which you squeezed my neck and said, “But you’re the best!” Haha, good tactic, sweet boy.

You continue to be a super silly, funny, smart, loving, sweet boy – and I love you!

Love you to the moon and back,


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