Super J.D. – 2 3/4 years old


Dear Super J.D.,

You’re proudly 2 3/4 years old now. I definitely think you are super, and so does your sister. She once told me that you really are her super hero. We all love you and your strong, determined, silly self! Here are a few memorable things from this month:

  • “breakthist” for breakfast and “activity scene” for nativity scene
  • My favorite thing you say when we’re snuggling or reading – “You know what? I love you!”
  • “I’m pretending we’re twins.” (about Big Dad)
  • “What a lovely place!” (about the Starkes new apartment)
  • “On your market, get set, go!”
  • You want to do everything your sister does, so you wanted your nails painted so people could say, “Oh, how beautiful!” (Your words exactly.)
  • But the absolute best – with your Bible held close to your chest – “Everything in The Bible is TRUE!”
  • And you also learned a Bible verse this month – “Give thanks in all circumstances.”
  • You now say your full name when asked I think because you didn’t like that Sister one time told you your name didn’t have an F in it. You were incredulous because you knew that your name included “Field,” and that has an F!
  • You’re making such progress in your pre-reading skills. (Recognizing letters, sounds, initial sounds, etc.) You even “read” a book to your friend, Henry, last night. He laughed the whole time as you read your favorite book Yummy, Yucky.
  • You went to school with Sister this morning and again, jumped right in to circle time! You even said, “Tell Ms. Jackie not to get started without me!”
  • Today you went with me and Daddy to help set up for His Toy Store at the Salvation Army. You used your strong, super hero muscles to help unload boxes of toys for the toy sale tomorrow. You were so eager to help, and I only pray that you will continue to have excitement to serve God as you serve others.

We love you so much! Can’t believe you’re almost 3! When we get back from Texas for Christmas, we’re changing your bed over to a big boy bed. You’re really a big kid now!

Love you so much,


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