J.D. Field – 2 years, 8 months



Little Guy,

You’ll always be my little guy. That’s what you told me this month. (Although sometimes I’m starting to call you my Big Man because you are growing so quickly.) Here’s a few things to remember from this last month.

  • Well, as this picture shows, you ran over a pickle in the park. You fell down, so that part was sad, but we both also found it very funny, too!
  • One morning you climbed onto the couch with your arms out and said, “Snuggle me, Sister!”
  • You invite people into what you’re doing often. You’ll use your arm and say, “Come, come!” or “Come here, come here!”
  • You like pretend play, especially when you are the grown up and we are the kids. You and I play this a lot a the playground.
  • Here’s an example from my Insta feed: “Playground dates with this little guy have quickly become one of my favorite parts of each week. We usually play “house,” and I’m always the kid, and he’s always the Dad who never has anything I request and then always has to run to the store while I wait patiently in my bed.”
  • “Maybe when I grow up, I want to be a fish.”
  • hostable = hospital
  • fighter fighter = fire fighter
  • One night you had croup, so I slept with you on the couch. In the middle of the night, and in your sleep, you sang all of “One Two, Buckle My Shoe.”
  • “I’m so sorry you’re frustrated,” is what you’ll say when I’m getting upset.
  • You heard us tell Sister to say “No, thank you” to lunch at school if we already sent her a lunch. So then you decided at BSF that you would say, “No, thank you” to snack “because you already had food on the bus.”
  • You have such a big heart. You started crying at church one day at the end of “Going on a Bear Hunt” because you remembered in the book how the bear looked at the end. You said, “I felt sad because the bear was lonely and disappointed.”
  • You can count up to 10 with one to one correspondence. You also are identifying initial sounds and can even tell which letters make those sounds sometimes. You’re also getting really good at rhyming.
  • You’re enjoying playing with trains a lot right now. And you still love cars. You still eat non stop, and you love to run and play at the playground.
  • You are loving to read, including “quiet reading time” by yourself! Your favorite book right now is Interrupting Chicken.

You’re so much fun, and I love you so much!



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