Happy Half Birthday, Johnny D!


Hey Bud,

You’re 2 1/2 now (and you let everyone know it!) This month has been a special one as we enjoyed the last few weeks of summer together and then as we’ve transitioned to you being at home alone with mommy while Sister started school. I’m glad for our time together and am excited to get to know your awesome personality even more! Here are a few things to remember:

  • “Are you kidding me?!”
  • “Funder” = Thunder
  • “Gigusting” = Disgusting
  • “I’m the biggest kid EVER!”
  • “You can call me John Durden or John Durden Field!”
  • You do funny things like ask me to swing a soccer ball in the swing next to you.
  • You really want to go to school with sister. So far, you’ve worn the same color shirt as her uniform and also just added yourself to the class line-up in an effort to stay and play in Sister’s class.
  • You also run after Sister and give her a big hug at pick up. I suspect you miss her during the day. (But we’re so grateful that Sitara plays with us two days a week!)
  • You ran into your BSF class without looking back. No tears for you, my friend!
  • You did a great job at the dentist this time.
  • You’re learning to brake on your scooter.
  • I was leaving one night, and you went to the refrigerator and brought me a yogurt to bring with me in case I got hungry.
  • We had a discussion back in Texas about little boys peeing outside (and how that happens sometimes in the country). But you said we don’t do that in the city: “No peeing outside in the city. Only doggies do that.”
  • We had sweet visitors this month – Heather, Hannah, Hollynn, and Mr. Zac. You were quite taken with all of them. (I think you showed them your room 25 times while they were here.) You LOVED holding the baby. And be still my heart – when someone mentioned that Hollynn was your girl, Fairley quickly chimed in that SHE is your girl. She loves you so much, buddy. She told me one day that you are her real life super hero.
  • “You are my best Grayson in the whole world!” (with a big hug!)
  • “Mommy, you and Daddy are my best friends!”
  • We’ve discovered the joy of snap chat photo filters. And it’s awesome.
  • You saw Sister’s dirty feet one afternoon and commented, “Sister’s feet are so diwty.” The next thing I know, you’re looking for a wipe and come back and clean her feet!!! So sweet – what a servant!
  • You’re starting to respond better to discipline and are seeking to really understand what you’re doing wrong (and I’m working really hard to remember to train you in righteousness and not just discipline you without instructing). We both have a lot to learn, buddy. Good thing we have a great God who is patient enough to teach us both!

I’m excited to get to know you even better over this next year. I LOVE YOU SO!!!!



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