Happy Half Birthday, Fairley!


Fairley Anne,

This weekend you turned 4 and one half! We celebrated on our staycation by eating yummy desserts at a family favorite, Veniero’s. It was your first time there, and I think you were thoroughly impressed! (You ate the raspberry mousse cheesecake – a great choice!)

I’ve seen you grow and mature so much these past several months. You are so conscientious and listen carefully to what I and other people say. You also pay attention to how people are feeling. You are very empathetic. You remember and apply so much. You love with such a big heart. You are courageous and try new things. You always seem to find the good in any situation. You love your brother so much and treat him with respect. You are a good friend to him and a great helper to me. You are a joy to be around.

I’m so excited for you because this is the big year! You’ve been asking to go to school since you were two years old. You’ve always noticed all the school groups at the playground, you’ve joined school groups in museums, you just WANT to be in school! And now’s the time. On September 8, you will start school at PS 185. We’re all really excited for this new season in your life! We know you will do so well and are praying that you love other children in your school as well as you have loved your brother and your friends. Although I’m sad to lose my daytime buddy, I’m excited to share you with the students and teachers of PS 185.

Here are a few other things to remember from these past few months:

  • I can’t remember what we were doing, but it was something at the beginning of the summer months, I believe. We must have been out for a long time, and coming home you were crying, “I’m so tired, but it’s ok because I had so much fun!”
  • One afternoon, something came up about you going to school. We both realized and acknowledged that it was both a happy thing and a sad thing. Mommy will miss you each day, but I’m excited for you to have this experience. You explained that you are very excited but also a little bit nervous. We shared a few tears together and then both felt better that we had expressed how we were feeling about it all. (And we ended with lots of hugs and snuggles!)
  • One night, you went to bed and came out while Daddy and I were still awake later than usual. You said, groggily, “Why are you talking? Why are you guys still awake? It’s so late!”
  • You’re super thoughtful. We were spending time with some friends from Texas, and you heard Mrs. Megan say that Miloh loves lemons. Much later that night, at dinner,  you took your lemon from your water and made sure to offer it to Miloh.
  • In our house, we use the correct anatomical term for body parts. I know, it has a reasoning behind it, but it can cause some uncomfortable or embarrassing public interactions. Anyway, one time you let me know that “we should probably call J.D.’s “boy part” (I’ll just call it for now) a hose because it is more polite, kind of like saying saliva instead of spit.”
  • You spent two weeks swimming at GiGi and Big Dad’s house. You became quite the little fish! You took swimming lessons and were fearless. You learned to dive under water for objects, swim through a hula hoop under water, do the elementary backstroke and freestyle, flip over when swimming to get a breath, do super man arms, and so much more. We are so, so proud of you!
  • You also taught yourself how to do a front flip under water!
  • In my hometown, there are refineries, which light up to look a little like a miniature downtown. The first time your daddy visited Port Neches, he commented that he didn’t realize we had a downtown. I had to let him know that those were just refineries. This trip, you said something so similar, “Look, Mom, it’s a beautiful city!”
  • You still have quite the imagination, and I love it! You play pretend and dress up and can stay in character for hours.
  • You love wearing dresses, fancy shoes, and tights.
  • You made a wish yesterday and let me know that it was not for a unicorn but rather, a pony. I’d give you one if I could, sweet girl, but I think for now, we’ll have to settle for a pony ride at a zoo. (You’ve told me several times that we could just keep one downstairs under the stairs with our strollers.)
  • This summer has been so special for me to make so many fun memories with you and to just enjoy each day with you. I also loved getting to lay down with you for the first part of your nap each day – something I never used to do but quickly realized was something I’m glad I get to do!

So many fun things to remember about you, sweet girl. Today, I just slowed down and stared into your beautiful blue eyes and listened to whatever you wanted to share with me in that moment. It made me want to stop time and just keep you at this age and this stage forever, but as your dad reminds me, every stage has only gotten better. So I’ll try to be less sentimental and even more excited for the new season ahead because I know God has big things in store for your life, and I’m excited to get to see it all unfold.

Love you so much,


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