J.D. 2 years, 4 months




This past month has been busy. You are growing and learning so much. You’re still super clever and fun, and lately, you’re showing a more sensitive side than I ever knew you had before. Here are some things to remember from this past month:

  • You’re super friendly. One day on a trip to the store, you tried to say hi to everyone who passed by. You kept saying, “Good morning!” all throughout the store. Some people would respond, but when one man didn’t, you got very upset. GiGi tried to explain that he might not have heard you. You said, “He only had to say good morning one time!”
  • One day, playing at a new playground we like (Wild West), you were watching some little boys play in the water. I asked if you wanted your bucket. You said, very matter of factly, “No, I want a backhoe.”
  • You loved telling GiGi and Big Dad (every morning), “We’re so glad you’re here!”
  • Papa Tay likes that you would ask him, “How was your run?” when he would come back from working out in the morning. (Gramma and Papa Tay kept you for a week in June, and GiGi and Big Dad visited for two weeks that same month. We were so blessed with lots of grandparent time!)
  • We’ve tried letting you chew gum a few times, and you’ve done well, but you’ve also swallowed it several times. One time I was questioning, “Where’s your gum?” And you just looked back, almost as if to just confuse me or distract me and asked, “Where’s your gum?”
  • You love to tell me (and others), “You’re the best ____ in the world!”
  • One time, you said, “You’re the best Mom in the world! Can I have a bite of your cinnamon roll?” Well timed, little guy.
  • You were describing a bat and ball = “hitty thingy and baseball”
  • We got you a Tball set, and you do love it!
  • Alabama = Alabana (and you say it a lot when we ask where you’re going…I guess from the song?)
  • You call T shirts “runner shirts”
  • One day I asked if you were curious. You looked at me so seriously and said, “I NOT a monkey!”
  • We were at the library one day, and you slipped out of story time and read books alone on a bench. I walked by and heard you pointing and saying, “Words, words, words.”
  • You will read to yourself at home sometimes. The other day,  you were reading, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and were so glad that you could say the word “salami.”
  • You know that Sister is going to school next year, but you think that you’re going too. (I, personally, am so excited to have two more years with you at home!)
  • You love keeping up with Fairley and her friends. You especially love Amina (and always want to give her hugs at church).
  • “Why are you doing ____?” (sometimes something you’re not supposed to do…) And you respond, “Just for fun!”
  • When you’re sad, you put your face in your hands. It breaks Mommy’s heart to see you sad. But we’re starting to see you show more empathy and more sensitivity to the feelings of others and to our discipline (some days more than others, I guess). We’re continuing to pray that God shapes your heart and helps you to be sad about the things that makes him sad. And that you learn to love and trust him more every day.

We love you so much, little guy. We love getting to know you more each day!



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