J.D. – 2 years, 3 months


Hi Buddy,

You’re an amazing little dude. You’ve grown up so much even in the past month. Here are some things to remember:

  • You question everything. You always ask, “Why?!” And if we don’t answer or answer in a way you’re not understand, you’ll say, “But I’m asking you WHY?!”
  • One day you asked me, “Can you be my big helper and throw this away?”
  • One morning, I heard you climb out of your crib and then whisper (to a sleeping sister), “I’ll be back shortly.” (You got that from Good Dog Carl.)
  • We’ve started talking a lot about your sister going to school. When she got home from her visit, you were so sweet and asked her all sorts of questions about her new school.
  • I told you that you’d stay home with me next year and play while Sister went to school. You said, “Ok, we’ll read books!” (which is what I love to do with you.)
  • You’re really good at showing interest in people by asking questions. You ask how people’s days were, what they did that day, etc.
  • On the day of my half marathon race, you were eating snacks with Daddy while waiting at the finish line. I finished and came up to you, and the first thing you said was, “Mommy, say, ‘What’s wrong, J.D.?”‘ So, I did. You said, “Daddy won’t let me have another apple.” But – then hours later, at home, you said randomly, “Mommy, how was your race??”
  • We went to a new playground and you said, “This is a medium-sized slide!”
  • You like to play the “My Mommy and Daddy died” game that Sister came up with when we started talking to her about orphans and orphan care and how we want to engage in that. You didn’t fully understand it like she did, so we had to ask you to change that game just a bit since you would say it at random times to random people while we walked down the street.
  • Our favorite interaction:
    • J: (to a 12-year old girl on the bus) Hi, what’s your name?
    • Girl: told her your name
    • J: My name’s J.D. I’m shy.
    • Daddy: You’re not shy.
    • J: No, I not shy.
    • J: It’s your birfday? You got a crown?
    • Girl: No, it’s not my birthday, but I did get a crown for my friend’s birthday.
    • J: Oh. You got a tutu? My sister got a tutu.
  • You are quite the charmer. (see above)
  • “I not going to hit it. I going to BASE it.” (trying to understand the game of baseball)
  • Another fun interaction:
    • JD: Big Dad, can I get up? (off sweet seat)
    • BD: Sure, buddy, what are you doing?
    • JD: I’m on sweet seat.
    • BD: Why?
    • JD: I threw a towel.
    • BD: Oh, ok. Sure, Buddy, you can get up.
    • (You had put yourself on the sweet seat.)
  • “Thank you, Sister, for finding the pin to the boogey board.” (You are so encouraging and give unsolicited thank yous like this these days.)
  • You also give sweet kisses, great hugs around the neck, and good snuggles when you want to.
  • You’ve started potty training yourself. You ask to go potty and usually go when you ask. We also kept your diaper off one day because of a rash, and you told me every time you needed to go during that period. We’re planning to step it up and start potty training you soon, at your request.
  • Also, when you sit on the potty, we’ll ask if you’re finished. You just say, “Almost,” every time.
  • You counted to 28 one time!
  • You’re getting better with colors!
  • You stayed with Gramma and Papa Tay for a few days this month while Mommy and Daddy traveled, and you also got to spend almost two weeks with Gigi and Big Dad when they came to visit us in New York. You’re a lucky little guy!

You are so sweet and lovable and funny and determined. And you are SO loved.



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