School Plans: May 2016


Below you’ll find our school plans for the month of May. This will probably be our last formal set of plans as we break for the summer and prepare for whatever God has in store for our family in the way of schooling in the fall! (I think we get our Pre-K offer tomorrow so prayers for our family to have discernment with our schooling decision!)


  • Themed Unit: Insects – Butterflies
    • Tot School-
      • Letter: Bb
      • Number: 9
      • Color: Yellow
      • Shape: Rectangle
    • Preschool Extensions-
      • Reading: Emergent Reader, Writing letters/pre-writing practice
      • Math: Writing #9, Measurement, and Patterns
      • Science: Insects – Butterflies

Week 1: Introducing the Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Week 2: Color – Yellow (and attend Lil Studio Art Class)

Week 3: Letter Bb

Week 4: Shape – Rectangle and #9


  • Bonjour, Butterfly! (Fancy Nancy)
  • Glasswings
  • Hermie, the Common Caterpillar
  • And these – Fiction on left, Nonfiction on right

*Minus the bottom two, which got put in the wrong pile and are about ladybugs (The Very Lazy Ladybug, fiction) and all creepy crawly things (Called Creepy Crawlies A-Z)




  • “Head, Thorax, Abdomen” by Dr. Jean
  • Fuzzy Caterpillar
    • Fuzzy caterpillar curled up on a leaf. (curl up)
    • Spun a chrysalis and then fell asleep. (hands near face like sleeping)
    • While she was sleeping she dreamed that she could fly, (arms like flying)
    • And when she woke up she was a butterfly. (flap arms like butterfly)
  • 5 Little Butterflies
    • Five little butterflies by the door.
      One flew away, then there were four.
      Four little butterflies by the tree.
      One flew away, then there were three.
      Three little butterflies up in the blue.
      One flew away, then there were two.
      Two little butterflies out in the sun.
      One flew away, then there was one.
      One little butterfly now all alone.
      She was so lonely, she flew home.
  • “I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee!”

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