JD – 2 year, 2 months



You are such a fun little person these days. You are talking non-stop these days. You like to watch what your sister is doing and saying and jump right in. You’re observant and inquisitive. You truly are so much fun, and your laugh is infectious!!

Here are a few sayings/happenings to remember:

  • We went on a date this month, and when I asked you to go with me, you lit up! You thrive off of quality time these days. Your sister’s love language is physical touch, and you usually go along with her requests for physical affection, but I’m still working to figure out how you best receive affection. I think quality time might have something to do with it.
  • You are starting to be able to say some of your “l’s” instead of using the “w” sound in place of it. (yellow instead of yewow and umbrella instead of umbrewa)
  • “I hurt my uncle!” (ankle)
  • “I love Galilee’s very pretty dress.” (and “Shannon’s very pretty dress” in church)
  • “You wanna play catch, Mom?”
  • “I saw the chicken in the clock!” (cuckoo clock)
  • “Freeman Street? Whaaaat?!” (When on the train to the Bronx Zoo)
  • “Goog Gog Carl” (Good Dog Carl) is a favorite book.
  • “I’m sad because Tonya is weaving!” (to go to Texas)
  • “Goldie the Goldfish, but she’s actually a Beta Fish.” (verbatim from Sister)
  • plural of knife = “knife-es”
  • “First time Daddy” when Daddy was doing something quickly (since we sing “First Time Boy” when you obey first time).
  • “I want Jesus to hold me, but he’s holding all the stuff!” (We’re not exactly sure what this means…maybe because he’s got the whole world in his hands? We’re not sure!)
  • When I came home after being gone for the night but was dressed to go running – “I’m so glad you’re here…but why are you weaving?!”
  • “I was going craaaaazzy!”
  • “Her hair’s beautiful.”
  • You wrote on your body with a marker, but, “It was just a mistake!”
  • You saw the words flower, stem, leaves, and roots on the board left from Tot School with Fairley (from days before). You took a marker and worked so hard to draw each of those things. I was so impressed that you remembered and connected!
  • Unprompted “Thank you for pushing me on the swing!”
  • Hannah Clark stayed was walking to church with us one morning and said, “Candace, you have the cutest kids ever!” You looked up and said, “That was vewy nice!”
  • You can climb out of your crib now. The first time I realized this was while I was sipping coffee one morning and heard you say, “I’m just going to go get my Bible,” and I realized your voice and steps were getting closer. Then I heard Fairley say, “Hey, how’d you get out of bed, J.D.!?” We’re still working on what this means for your sleep (and our sleep).
  • You also love getting in Fairley’s bed now (and snuggling with her).
  • You and Sister have a little bit you do now. One of you says, “We’re friends.” The other says, “We’re better than friends. We’re brother and sister. That means we’ll have a relationship forever.”
  • The other day you told me, “We’re better than friends. We’re Mommy and J.D.”
  • And my favorite – “I love you so, so much!”

You’re such a super sweet boy, and I love that you’re mine!



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