Fairley – 4 1/4 years old

Hi Sweet Girl,

It seems like it was just yesterday that you were excited to be turning four years old! And now you’re a quarter of the way to five! You continue to amaze me every day, and I want to remember some of the things you have said and done. Here’s a little glimpse into your sweet, soft heart and fun personality that I don’t want to forget.

  • You were dancing around the apartment one day, and I asked if I should turn on music. You said, “No, I like to dance to the music in my head.”
  • Before our last flight, you prayed that J.D. wouldn’t be cranky on the plane. That flight, actually, turned out to be a pretty scary one with some crazy turbulence. You did a great job staying calm and listening to Mommy as I prayed and said scripture during those scary moments.
  • We mentioned that we don’t own our apartment but rent it instead. You got very concerned, saying, “You’ve never told me this before. It’s very confusing to me. I need you to explain it to me.” So I did, and you seemed more settled after that, but it was interesting how much of a toll that idea took on you.
  • You studied Revelations this year in BSF, and one day you said, “I’m ready to die because I want to see Jesus.” Mommy definitely had some mixed emotions after that one.
  • Another time, you said, “This was the best day ever!” Then you said, “No, getting to Heaven will be the best day ever!”
  • “I feel like God is telling me to confess some things.” There have been other times that you’ve asked to pray to God after one of our talks. Sweet girl, I love that God is speaking into your heart at this age. I pray that you always stay vigilant to the workings of His Holy Spirit.
  • “Mommy, ask Google because Google knows everything. No, Google doesn’t know everything. God does. But Google knows everything you don’t know.”
  • You’ve been wishing for a pony lately and told me we could keep it under our stairs.
  • One day, I was distracted by something when J.D. was trying to point something out in a book. You walked over, and in the sweetest Mommy voice said, “Oh, that IS a motorcycle. Thanks for showing me, J.D.!” You truly are such an amazing big sister. You are very maternal and loving, and you love your brother well.
  • You and J.D. have a little bit you do now. One of you says, “We’re friends.” The other says, “We’re better than friends. We’re brother and sister. That means we’ll have a relationship forever.”
  • This one’s a little TMI, but I want to remember: You said, “So a baby comes out of your belly button.” And I said, “No, your girl part.” You said, “Whoa, that seems weird to me.”
  • You’re learning so much. You’ve loved this year’s butterfly unit (which you’ve actually done like three or four times now). You’re using so many science words in context, now such as camouflage and predators. You created a picture of a red and green caterpillar and said that it’s in the green grass but might pop up like a (red) berry when a predator comes.
  • You are also reading things in context now. You picked up a book on insects and showed me where it said, “head, thorax, abdomen.”
  • One day, we let you sleep in, and you came out of your room stretching and saying, “I feel glorious!”
  • You made your dad a card for his birthday that said “I love hanging with you.” You made sure to tell me when I was putting you to sleep that day that you love hanging with me, too. You wanted me to feel included, you said. I pray that God keeps that heart of kindness and helps you to see others who also need to be included.
  • You had your last dance class for the year, and you did great! You learned some ballet and also the songs “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” and your favorite, “Zip a dee doo dah!”
  • We went to enroll you for Pre-K last week! So you’ll start school at PS 185 Early Childhood Design and Discovery Magnet School in the fall. I’m definitely sad about you not being home with me all day because I LOVE spending my days with you, but your excitement about starting school tells me that it’s worth trying. I’m praying that we get to enjoy these next few months before school together and then that we continue to make the most of the times that we do have together once you are in school each day.

I love you SO much and can’t tell you enough what a privilege it is to be your mama! You are so precious and very loved!! It’s amazing to see the sweet girl that God is creating you to be. I’m excited to continue watching you grow!



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