Johnny D. Field – 2 years, 1 month


Hey buddy,

You are a little stud. You are a talking machine, and you have an amazing, silly personality. You are still strong-willed, but we’re making progress to shape that will in a few areas. You are learning to share and take turns, show patience, and love and consider others. I have so many things to remember about you from this past month:

  • You speak mostly in full sentences. I’m amazed by how much you say and how well you talk.
  • After nap, you walked around asking, “How was your nap?” Then you voluntarily said, “My nap was good.”
  • You express feelings so well. You’ll say, “I feel (sad, happy, frustrated, mad, upset, angry). One time, you said, “I feel frustrated. Maybe even mad.”
  • You were sick once this month, and I would ask, “How do you feel?” but I wouldn’t specify how does your body feel. You would said, “I’m happy!”
  • “I not grumpy. I happy.”
  • “You da man!” (to Big Dad)
  • “Me and you buddies!” (to Big Dad)
  • “You’re so pretty!” (to GiGi)
  • “I’m so handsome. Sister, you’re so pretty.”
  • “Me not baby. Me big boy.”
  • You love to sing. You can tell one song by the first three notes. (“Bless the Lord, O, My Soul”) You can also sing a lot of it. You also love singing songs from Frozen. In Texas, you sang on the mic with your eyes closed and everything. You were feelin’ it. You can also sing most or all of “Do a Dear.”
  • One morning, we were snuggling in Texas, and you looked at me and said, “Be nice!” I said, “I am being nice.” Then I told you to be nice, and you said the same thing. I’m not sure where that came from. Your dad said it started when he would make pretend sad faces, and you would tell him to be nice.
  • “I don’t know.” (with a shrug – your standard answer sometimes)
  • “Mommy walk like this – BOOM BOOM BOOM!”
  • You say, “Hold me.” I’ll say, “You hold me.” You say, “No, you too beeg.”
  • We went to several drive-thrus while in Texas (like Dairy Queen, maybe?!). The next time we pulled over to grab a parking ticket in a garage, you said, “I need ice cream with strawberries.”
  • One day you were drawing an arch on the chalkboard and saying, “I made rainbow.”
  • “Siwwy me!” (Silly me.)
  • Your will is still very strong. If you go to sleep asking for something, you wake up asking for that exact same thing. You have what the Fields like to call, a craw (where things get stuck).
  • You pout like whoa. You stick your face in your hands, and I think you shoot out tears sometimes. You also stick out your bottom lip.
  • “Say cheese.” And you said, “I can’t. I’m too tired”
  • One day I was so sad and was crying, and you came in and  said, “I give you band-aid?” Then you found a band-aid and gave it to me. I wore it all day long to remember God’s grace in your kindness.
  • You are very literal. If we say to “hop in the car,” you literally try to hop. If we say, “throw this in the trash,” you get upset when you throw it and don’t make it in.
  • You love basketball right now. You call it “dunkit.”
  • You threw all of your animals out of the crib. I told you you’d need to clean them up. You asked for help, and I said no. Then you said, “Clean up everybody everywhere, clean up everybody do their share!!” (from the song). So I helped you clean up…
  • You can count to 13 without skipping any numbers. You recognize several numbers and some letters. We’re still working on colors.

You make every day fun!! We love you!


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