Happy 18 Months, Little Buddy!



You are every bit of 18 months now! You run, climb, bonk your head, exert your will, talk, scream, laugh, fake laugh, cry, fake cry, mimic, respond when we are talking to you, choose not to respond when we are talking to you, and the list just goes on. You are becoming more independent with every day. “All of parenting is letting go,” is what Mommy repeatedly tells herself. But we’re getting in to that tricky stage where you are increasingly ready for me to let go, and Mommy knows you need me to hold on, in some ways, for a bit longer. You still let me cuddle you and ask to be held, so I’ll take that for now. Here’s a recap of this last month:

  • New words: rainbow, Bible, bippos (hippos), bapple, dizzy, mymy (signing time), abc, melmel (watermelon), Jude, nice, bite, bus, push, juice, shoes, more, nano (banana), spot, dirt, thank you, peace, mine?, mine! (as a question and a demand), high (when building with blocks), book, BIG, cheese, amen, adult, snap, dirt, tick tock, “aya” (Aly)
  • You had  a bad diaper rash this month. Sorry, buddy. And then one time, it looked like corn in your diaper, but I realized I hadn’t fed you corn. I asked if you had eaten a yellow crayon, and you nodded your head. Fortunately, later, I realized the culprit was cashews…
  • You recognize the color yellow.
  • You also had a bad “bonk” yesterday. You lost your balance on our top stoop step, but you caught your fall with your head. Mommy was distraught, but you took it like a champ and barely had a bump or bruise?!
  • “Signing Time” is a favorite show of yours. And you’re learning a few new signs from it, too!
  • You have packed a little bag (ok, it was a purse) and said you were going byebye (to see MawMawPawPaw).
  • You shoplifted a plum from our local market and ate half of it before I even noticed!
  • You are obsessed with transportation now. You love spotting buses while we’re out and about. You’ll scream, “bus! bus! bus! bus!” when you see one. You also love singing the taxi song and spotting trucks and looking up close at all the cars parked on the street.You made a choo choo train out of your apples one time.
  • You can sing the “ooos” from “Signing Time.” (“Grooooooove with me!”)
  • You can also make a siren sound.
  • You are repeating so many words these days. It’s so fun to communicate with you more and more.
  • I’m pretty sure you came up to me today singing “Love Is an Open Door!” (with your arms open wide and everything!)
  • You also can imitate “Mommy running.” And you sometimes walk on your tippies.
  • You’re getting your first set of molars right now.
  • You have officially transitioned to one nap! (Sometimes you fall asleep eating lunch, but we’re mostly there!)
  • You weigh 26.5 pounds and are 31.5 inches tall.
  • Today, at Dr. G.’s, she asked, “Who is ready for their shots?” And you raised your hand and yelled emphatically, “ME!”

It’s so fun just being your Mommy. Love you so very much, little guy!! Happy 1/2 birthday!




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