Fair-isms Vol. 3.5



Fairley Anne,

You’re 3 1/2 years old now. How? Time just flies! I have one more year with you at home, and then you’ll probably start Pre-K! I can’t even believe it.

God is developing you into a sweet little girl with a big heart. You are so compassionate and truly care about other people. It’s so beautiful to see God grow you in this way.

Here are a few things I want to remember from these past few months:

  • While we were in the subway station, you saw a rat on the tracks. You started giggling and said (very loudly), “I think I like rats!” I explained that you might like to watch them (You liked seeing them go in and out of their little hidey holes.), but that you probably wouldn’t like to see one close up.
  • One day, when our whole family was together, you said you were so happy because you felt “left in” (instead of “left out.”)
  • One night, you woke up, and Daddy and I were so sleepy and talking back and forth trying to decide where to let you sleep, if you should have a consequence for getting up and not going back to bed, and it was kind of just a confusing, tired mess. The next morning you told us you didn’t know what was going on. You said, “I said in my heart, ‘What are we doing?!'”
  • One day while running in Central Park, I was so tired, and  you didn’t even know that, but you said, “Mommy, do you hear that? It sounds like the trees are clapping for you!”
  • “Bummer!”
  • J.D. was crying one night, and Daddy took him for a walk out of the restaurant. You could still hear him, and you said, “That is one unhappy baby.”
  • You went to Urgent Care for the first time this month after standing in your baby stroller. You did what you call a “face planet.” Your nose bled, and your teeth looked a little wiggly, and you had a cut under your lip. You did great in urgent care, and they only needed to give you a little medicine for your lip. I was a little sad to see you hurt, so I got tears in my eyes. While you were sitting on the patient table, you looked at me, and just gave me two thumbs up. I felt much better.
  • One night, I came in with a lot of groceries. You said, “I’m going to serve you because you look worn out. I could tell because you stuck your tongue out.”
  • We went on a great mommy-daughter date, and you were so happy for special time alone that you said, “I’m so excited my heart will leap out of my chest!”
  • You love singing, and you know all of the words to “I Am Jesus Little Lamb.” It’s a beautiful song, and I love hearing you sing it.
  • You have a compassionate heart. A little boy in Nederland passed away, and we went to Chick-Fil-A on the night of a fundraiser for his family. You asked what was going on, and I told you that a little boy had passed away. You said, “That family will be so sad. They don’t have their little boy anymore.” And so you prayed for them that night.
  • We were listening to the radio and heard a song that said, “People get ready! Jesus is comin’!” You got so excited and asked, “He’s coming?! In real life?!”
  • At GiGi’s, you asked for a happy meal when Mommy already had your dinner ready. GiGi heard you cry about it, so she called Big Dad and asked him to bring one home. She told the story of how you burst into tears. Later, I was trying to talk to you about the proper way to ask for something (and to be ok when we say no). I said, “How did you get that happy meal?” You said, “I BURST into tears!”
  • You have such great manners. You say “sir” and “ma’am” now when talking to adults. It’s so sweet.
  • You called J.D. “Mr. Grabby Hands” one time in the airport!
  • We’ve had a conversation before about how we can share even things that are special to us because Jesus was special to God, and he shared him with us. One day I heard you tell Emma, “I know that these things are so, so, so, so, so, so special to you, but Jesus was so, so, so, so, so, so special to God, and he still shared him with us, so you need to share your things, too.”
  • One day you called Elsa for some ice.
  • You spent a lot of time in Texas last month, and now when you say, “there” it takes two whole syllables.
  • You thought you left your phone at home, and then you found it in your purse and exclaimed, “Praise God, I found my phone!”
  • You saw a blind man who Daddy helped cross the street, and you said that it must be hard for him to get around in the city, so you prayed for him.
  • Running through the park, you said, “Hey, it’s you!” I said, “That lady wearing a pink shirt like me?” You said, “Noo…the word YOU!” (You read it on a sign!)
  • You say “squiggling” instead of “scribbling.” Your coloring skills are also improving!
  • You said, “This is Hudson. He’s my friend. He’s awesome.”
  • You also said, “I hit a wall. I am so tired.” Ha!
  • You’re starting to read a little. You’re learning some sight words, and you can decode words, too. We’ll start working more on this skill together this year. I’m so proud of you!
  • You are an encourager.

It’s a joy to be your mommy. I am so proud of you, and I love you so much!



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