Tot Camp 2015 – Week 4 – Patience

We’re having so much fun learning the fruit of the spirit! We’ll continue this week with patience – this should be fun! 🙂

As a reminder, most of my ideas are taken from this blog, which has a great devotional thought for moms at the beginning of the post. I also love the way this blogger opens up her lessons with an intro and closes them with three main points and a prayer, so those pieces always come from this blog. I also took great activity ideas from this blog. (And then sometimes I added my own ideas in parentheses.)

Also, every day we practice our unit memory verse with this video.

And then we add a memory verse specific to the fruit of the spirit for that week.

“God is the one who makes us patient and cheerful.” – Romans 15:5

Day 1: 

Intro from Grace for Moms:

What to share with your child: “As we continue to study the fruit of the spirit, this week we will focus on the fruit of PATIENCE. Do you know what it means to be patient? Mommy and Daddy sometimes tell you to be patient. Having patience means we know when and how to wait for something. This could be something big like waiting for a big day…our birthday, Christmas or a family vacation. Or it could be something smaller like waiting to use a toy that someone else is using or waiting for our turn on the playground. The Bible talks a lot about waiting and there are many great stories about people who were greatly blessed after waiting on God. Let’s take a look at these stories together.”

Discussion and Activity from Wind in a Letter Box:

Discussion: What is patience? Can you think of some examples of patience/impatience from our day?

Activity: Trace the word “patience” and create a clock to add to our fruit of the spirit book.

If we have time, we might also talk about the memory verse. Why do you think it mentions patient and cheerful together? Is a patient heart a cheerful heart?

Activity: Brainstorm a list of things that are worth waiting for. Write them on a cheerful heart.

Extra activity from Baking with Mom:

Activity: Make jello-pudding pops and discuss patience as we wait for them to form.

Discussion from Grace for Moms:

Discussion: “It can be very hard to wait when we want something right now. When we are on the playground and want to go down the slide but the friend in front of us is taking so long. . .we may want to push in front of him. When our brother or sister is using a toy we want NOW. . .we might be tempted to just take it from them. But the right thing to do is to patiently wait for our turn. This can be very hard. When we find ourselves in these situations we can stop and ask God to help us. Because just like he is patient with us, he wants us to be patient with others.”

Homework: Find a way to put others before yourself and practice patience – by giving another person a turn first either with a toy or on the playground.

Day 2:

Discussion and activity from Grace for Moms:

Discussion: “Read Lamentations 3:25. . .it says, “The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the one who seeks him.” {adapted} Sometimes when we get impatient, we run ahead of God. Do you know what this means? Think about running a race. God wants us to run along side him in the race of life. But when we get tired of waiting or think we can run faster, sometimes, we run ahead of him. But God knows the best direction to run in at every turn. If we run ahead of him, we will miss out on being led by him and running alongside him. As long as we run {or walk} with God patiently, we will discover his best for our life.”

Activity: Run a three-legged race as a family. Pair up and have each pair tie their inside legs together. Practice walking and running together. Notice how one person cannot run or walk ahead of the other, just like we cannot run ahead of God.

Day 3:

Discussion from Grace for Moms:

Discussion: “There are many stories in the Bible of people who had to wait for something. Way back then, things didn’t come as easily or as fast as they do now. Abraham is a very good example of this. God told Abraham he would be the father of many. At the time, he didn’t have any children. So how could he be the father of many? Abraham trusted God and waited on him. Not perfectly or without moments of impatience, but still, he trusted. When he struggled to wait and not try to do it on his own, God helped him. It was 25 years later that God blessed Abraham and his wife Sarah with a son. They had to wait a long time. But they did it with God’s help. {Parents, you may find it helpful to read the story of Abraham in a children’s Bible.}”

Activity from Wind in a Letter Box:

Activity: Place one of your child’s favourite treats in front of her. Tell her she may eat it immediately – or she may wait five minutes and receive an extra treat.

Was it hard to wait for the extra treat? Talk about how patience is always rewarded – not always with a treat, but sometimes just in our hearts.

Wrap up from Grace for Moms:


1. When we have a hard time waiting, God will help us.
2. God is patient with us, therefore we should be patient with others.
3. Patience allows us to find God’s best for us.

Pray this Prayer:

God, thank you for helping us when we need to be patient. Thank you that we do not have to wait alone. Give us strength to wait on you and others. Help us to be patient with our friends and family members in big things and even in the little things. We believe that as we wait on you, we will continue to receive your best for our lives. We love you. Amen.

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