J.D. – 16 Months



This last month flew by! We had such a fun start to the summer with GiGi and Big Dad coming to visit and spending time with the Field family over 4th of July. Here are some other things worth mentioning:

  • Last month, I forgot that some of my favorite words were, “Ayunt dat.” (“I want that.”) And then, if we gave you the wrong thing, you would say, “Not dat. DAT” (with emphatic pointing).
  • You also went through a phase of being addicted to bananas. You’d wake up begging for one.
  • You love to pretend call Dada and laugh, laugh, laugh!!
  • You love taking care of babies. One day, though, you were walking around and you just dropped the baby on the floor and walked off signing, “all done.”
  • If I ask a question with a question voice or say, “I dunno,” you love to shrug your shoulders with me.
  • You got four new teeth this month!!
  • You also developed the skill of fake crying.
  • You love reading your Bible at night now, and your favorite story is Daniel. You can (kind of) say his name, and you point to the picture and put your hands together to pray, like Daniel did.
  • You also remind us to pray (multiple times) at every meal. You put your hands together and say, “ah!”
  • You learned to jump this month. You can kind of jump with both feet off the ground. You also love jumping off Fairley’s comfy chair. (You also fell face first on concrete twice this past week, leaving pretty bad bumps and scabs.)
  • New words: baby (and you sometimes call yourself this), J.D., GiGi, meba (meatball), a form of Gramma, Big Dad, Papa, Sister/Fairley (not sure), Mommy, thank you, Emma, shh (with your finger in front of your mouth) , Achoo!, toot, teetee, cheese, Mmm for cow sound, Mee for cat sound, boof for dog sound, and you still call cats and dogs “Ah!” (And you point them out all the time!)
  • You also know how to nod now for “yes.”
  • And you’ll tell me every time you have a poopy diaper.
  • Tonya was putting you to bed one night and singing “Jesus Loves Me” with your name in it, and you looked up and said, “And Tonya” so that she would sing that he loves her, too!
  • “Ring Around the Rosie” is your favorite game, and you will grab my hands to play!
  • “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” is a favorite song right now, and you love to do the motions.
  • Goodnight Moon is a favorite book right now. You love the old lady who whispers, “hush!”
  • I think you’ve grown! We haven’t been to the doctor in a while, but your 18 month clothes are fitting better, and you seem so tall!
  • You’re still taking two naps a day, but I can tell we’re nearing the end of that era and will be on one nap soon. You snuggle well after naps, and I love that! You still sleep through the night well, and although you sometimes wake up pre-6 AM, you usually sleep until at least 6:15.

You’re a handsome, funny, sweet, loving little guy. So glad you’re ours!



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