Tot Camp 2015 – Week 3 – Peace


We’ve had so much fun studying the fruit of the spirit so far, and it’s been so neat to see what the girls have remembered from our devotionals. It’s something I do with Fairley only a couple of times a week, but I was amazed to see how much she’s learning. The thing she remembers the most is that when you want an apple tree, you don’t nail the apples to a tree. They have to grow out of the tree. We use that illustration to talk about these fruit as not being things that we have to try harder to do, but rather traits that grow out of us as we grow His Spirit helps us to grow through Bible study and prayer.

“The fruit of the spirit is…peace.”

Here’s a look at our plans for studying this fruit of the spirit. Most are taken from this blog, which has a great devotional thought for moms at the beginning of the post. I also love the way this blogger opens up her lessons with an intro and closes them with three main points and a prayer, so those pieces always come from this blog. I also took great activity ideas from this blog. (And then sometimes I added my own ideas in parentheses.)

Also, every day we practice our unit memory verse with this video.

And then we add a memory verse specific to the fruit of the spirit for that week.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.”

John 14:27a


Day 1: 

Intro from Grace for Moms:

What to share with your child: “We are continuing to study the fruit of the spirit together as a family. This week we are focusing on the fruit of PEACE. Do you know what it means to have peace? Sometimes we see and feel peace on the outside. . .quietness, stillness, rest. But peace is also something we can feel inside our hearts and minds. When we have no worry or fear inside of us, we feel peace. . .we are not afraid or anxious. This peace comes from Jesus and our relationship with him. When we walk closely with Jesus, he will calm us with his love. When we follow him, we can trust that he will lead us and protect us and take away our worry and fear.”

Discussion and Activity from Wind in a Letter Box:

Discussion: Explain that when we sin, we can’t be at peace with God. (Ask for examples of sin relevant to the age of your child.) This makes God sad. But He made a way for us to have his peace in our hearts.

Activity: Ask your child to tear a cut-out heart in half. Then paste the heart together in the workbook and use a cut-out cross as the band-aid that fixes the heart.

Extra adapted from Wind in a Letter Box:

Activity: Put salt and sugar in two bowls. Allow your child to taste each. (We might make a snack and use either extra salt or extra sugar, like maybe this ice cream in a bag.)

Discussion: Which tasted better: the salt or the sugar? Talk about how words can also be hurtful and how we must speak kindly and season our words with love. (And I’ll mention that when we do, we can cultivate peace, as mentioned in Proverbs 15:1, 18.)

Day 2:

Discussion from Grace for Moms:

Discussion: “When we learn how to get God’s peace, we can share it with others. Matthew 5:9 says, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” Sometimes fear and worry keeps us from truly knowing how strong we are or how much we can accomplish. But when we have peace in our lives, we discover who we really are and what we are capable of. Then, we can share our peace with others and be peacemakers. A peacemaker is someone who helps others work together instead of fighting. A peacemaker brings peace to tough situations.”

Activity from Wind in a Letter Box:

Activity: Decorate a picture of a dove (the symbol of peace). (We’ll also maybe role play instances where we could be peacemakers.)


Day 3:

Discussion from Grace for Moms:

Discussion: “The Bible says that God gives, “peace that passes understanding.” {Philippians 4:7} Do you know what this means? It means that even when we can’t see how he will help us. . .he can and he will. We simply need to trust that he loves us and will help us in our time of need. Then, true peace will come and take over our heart and mind.” (Also mention how the verses before explain that we should pray and this will help us to not be anxious, which is the opposite of being at peace.)

Activity from me;

Activity: Help your child practice praying prayers of supplication. Ask if there is anything that makes him or her feel anxious, and then pray to God about those things right then (and also as things come up during the day!)


Wrap up from Grace for Moms:


1. Jesus wants to give us peace even when we don’t understand it.

2. Jesus’ peace can replace our fear and worry.

3. Because of the peace he gives us, we can be peacemakers.


Pray this Prayer:

God, thank you for giving us peace even when we don’t understand how it is possible to have peace. As we give our fear and worry over to you, please continue to replace it with your peace. Help us to be peacemakers and share your peace in every situation we encounter. We love you. Amen.

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