April 2015 Tot School Recap with Pics

Here are some pictures of our fun month full of springtime learning and exploring!


Here are a few extra things we did with our plant unit:

-Planting a lima bean seed and watching it grow. – Similarly to how mentioned in this book. We also planted grass seed and some purple cone flower seeds (from Target).

-Making a picture diagramming the parts of a flower.

-We also loved singing this song about the parts of a flower.

Learning about osmosis by dyeing water and placing celery in it. (The leaves will change to be that color.)

-I mentioned to our gardener about her willingness to help out in the garden, so maybe one day she can at least go pull weeds!

-We went to the Conservatory Garden in Central Park several times to watch the progression of the blooms.


Here are the books we read this month:


Below you’ll find links to the plans we used for the bulk of our studies during this month of Tot School.

As always, these great plans came from my friend, Liz, at Twinsane in the Membrane.

Here’s a link to the calendar for April.

And here are the well-laid out objectives!

Letters: V, W, X

Shape: Diamond

Number: 9

Color: Purple

Themes: Flowers, kites




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