12 months + 1 for J.Deezy


Hi Bud!

You’re 13 months old now, and you’re everywhere! You’re toddling away, but you become more confident with each step you take every day. This morning I just tried to soak in how cute you are at this stage (and every stage), but there’s something about your cute toddle which leads with your little belly and your charming and mischievous smile that I just don’t ever want to forget.

Your personality is starting to come through in full force. You are determined. You are brave. You are stubborn. You are funny. You have an infectious laugh. And you love making other people laugh.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • You were 29 inches long and weighed 21.9 pounds at your last appointment.
  • Fairley called you “Sad Sad Baby Bonk Bonk” because you still love to “bonk” everything, but sometimes you end up with a bloody nose and then cry…
  • You love reading books now. You’ll sit by yourself for awhile and flip pages. You also like to “count” by touching things on the page.
  • You also love playing with cars and trucks and dunking the ball in your basketball goal.
  • You like to touch your nose, toes, head, hair, etc.
  • You LOVE to shake your head “no.” You actually know when to use it now. You can say “yes,” too, but if we ask you to say, “yes,” you always shake your head “no” with a big smile.
  • You love push toys. You figured out when you push them in to a wall how to go around and push from the other side to get unstuck.
  • You walk and even run now! (But you still get tripped up and fall, especially in shoes. Who needs ’em?!)
  • You can say: duck, big dad, hat, teeth, (these are probably only intelligible to me and a few other people, but I know you’re saying them) uh oh, mama, dada, hi and bye with waves (Your “hi” wave is kind of a pageant type, and your “bye” wave is the kind where you close your whole hand.)
  • Sign language: more, all done, water, please
  • My favorite thing right now: When you rest your head on my shoulder. And when you’re really tired, your whole body goes limp in my arms. I just melt.
  • You seriously love making other people laugh. One time you had a whisk and bonked yourself in the head with it. I giggled a little, and then you did it over and over and over again to keep me laughing. You actually do this a lot. I think you might be the class clown one day.
  • You love your sister. You’re starting to interact with her more. You’re going to get to learn a lot about how to show and receive love from this girl. I’m glad you have her for a sister. She loves you a lot. Yesterday, she had you belly laughing in the store as she bonked her head (in a helmet) against the glass door of the dairy case…

And we ALL love you a lot. You’re a feisty, fun, climbing ball of energy who keeps me on my toes! I kind of forgot how physically and mentally draining this toddler stage can be, but you’re worth it all! I’m looking forward to seeing you grow and change and learn more every day about this world God has made!




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