Easter Tot School Plans – 2015


**I wrote this earlier in the month but am just now posting. Fortunately, snow has melted…for now…**

As I sit here in my warm, cozy apartment snowed in again, I’m getting excited just thinking about Spring!! It might be awhile for us northerners, but Spring is coming! And with it, brings the awareness of NEW LIFE! I just love it, and I especially love Easter and the thought of our new life in Christ!

However, this post is not actually about the truly important side of Easter. (That post is coming soon – with a really cool way to keep your family focused on the true meaning of Easter!) But for now, I’ll just outline a few of my ideas for some Easter Tot School activities – the kinds that involve fuzzy chicks, eggs, and bunnies.

Since I’m already following a full curriculum this year (noted in my last post), I’ll just be adding in a few extra “Easter” activities. For a full list of ideas, check out this post from last year.

I loved this post, though, which lists out lots of varying levels of Easter sensory ideas. I chose just a few.

For J.D (1 year old) –

For Fairley (3 years old) –


Songs and Fingerplays (for both kiddos!):

Bunny Pokey (Tune: Hokey Pokey)

You put your bunny ears in (Place hands on head to make ears)

You put your bunny ears out.

You put your bunny ears in.

And you shake them all about.

You do the Bunny Pokey And hop yourself around, That’s what it’s all about!

Continue with bunny nose, bunny tail, bunny paws.

(taken from Oopsey Daisy blog packet)


Here is a bunny     (Hold up index and middle fingers.)
With ears so funny.     (Wiggle fingers.)
And here is his
Hole in the ground.     (Make hole with fist of the other hand.)
At the slightest noise he hears,
He pricks up his ears,     (Wiggle fingers.)
Then hops to his
Hole in the ground!     (Pretend to hop bunny ears into the hole.)

(taken from Dr. Jean)

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