Happy 10 months, Little Buddy! (A little late…)


Hi Buddy (sometimes I drop the “Little” since you’re not really that little anymore),

You are (more than) ten months old now!!! And time has completely slowed down…haha, just kidding! I say it every time, but time is still flying by! You’re going to be a year old SO SOON! Here are a few things to remember from this past month:

  • You were in Texas most of this month – 2 weeks with GiGi and Big Dad and a few days at the Pierson’s. Eva told Isaac about you, “Isaac this one is your friend.” (Because Fairley is Eva’s friend!)
  • New words – uh oh and dada (and you say these at the right time!)
  • You enjoy the “uh oh” game where you drop things from your high chair and then say, “Uh oh!”
  • You had some early wakings this month (and we were so glad that you were in Texas with GiGi and Big Dad who loved getting up early with you!) But you also had some great night’s sleeps, too. You slept really late one morning, and when I went to get you, you were just talking and smiling. I picked you up, and you immediately planted a HUGE kiss on my cheek! THE BEST!
  • You are so affectionate. You nuzzle up against me and act shy when people talk to you. But then you usually give this big heartmelting smile. You also give lots and lots and lots of kisses!
  • You started making a “cheesy” smile face.
  • You like to give high fives. (Big Dad taught you that. You really took a liking to Big Dad this past trip.)
  • You love instruments! You like to drum (especially on the toilet), and you love things that shake!
  • You played with your cousin, Ansley, this Christmas, and you didn’t scream hysterically (unlike last time you saw her).
  • You love your sister. And she loves you. She can make you laugh a lot. (And she’s generally just pretty sweet to you. It’s fun to watch your relationship develop.)
  • You are very active. You can climb up stairs (with a spotter) and you actually did really well climbing up a slide (which seems hard to do even for those of us who can walk?!)
  • You know how to cruise around on the furniture pretty well.
  • You have six teeth – four top and two bottom. You seem like you’re teething like crazy right now although we can’t see anything breaking through yet. (Poor guy!)
  • You had some pretty bad colds (and a stomach bug) this month, but it didn’t seem to stop you too much. You’re a little fighter!
  • Your schedule has been all over the place this month with travel, but you’re starting to wake a little later (PLEASE keep this in your schedule), take two naps a day, and still nurse four times a day.
  • You’re growing. I’m not sure of your stats, but you are a healthy little guy now. You took to eating solid foods, you still nurse well, and you’re just, well, a good chunky baby size.
  • You’re moving out of some 6-12 month clothes and some 9 month clothes. I imagine you’ll be a solid 12 month before we know it!

You are an absolute JOY and we are SO glad that you are in our family! We are praying for you and we love you so much!



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