Eat More Jellybeans! (And My New Year’s Resolution)


Remember those funny AT&T commercials with the sweet kids answering questions such as, “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?” One boy answered that his New Year’s Revolution (ha!) was to eat more jellybeans. (Have no idea what I’m talking about? Watch here.)

This honest answer and that concept behind it has always stuck out to me. A resolution to just have more of something you already love. And it’s stirring in my heart that I don’t want more jellybeans. (I don’t actually even like them all that much.) I just want more of JESUS. I know him. I love him. But I want to love him more, and that means I need to KNOW him more.

So God has been stirring in my heart. One day, the question was posed to me during a BSF lecture, “Are you speed dating God?” Meaning: Am I just casually spending a few minutes with him, throwing out my laundry list of prayer requests and getting to know a little about him through five minutes in the word? Or instead, am I spending enough time with God to build intimacy with him?

About a month ago, I read a great blog by someone I really respect. She explains her journey with why and how she did a month-long spiritual bootcamp. Since then, I haven’t been able to shake the idea that I should do the same. Fortunately God worked in the heart of another dear friend that she should do this as well, so we’re planning to start together soon and keep one another accountable.

To catch you up, here’s a link to the original bootcamp blog. (I’ll be doing a modified version totaling an hour every day instead of the two hours recommended. If you want more details of the breakdown, let me know!) And here’s a link to a following blog offering free resources if you also decide to take the plunge! And if you do, PLEASE let me know because I’d love to receive and offer more encouragement!

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