35 Months with Fairley Anne



Can you believe your mom is crazy enough to continue your monthly updates until you were almost three?! Can you even believe that you only have less than a month until you turn three years old?! You are a super fun kid – you bring so much laughter and joy in to our family. You also have a sweet heart that I pray every day God is molding to be sensitive to his love for you so that you respond in love for Him and for others around you. I can see glimpses of that now, and I’m going to continue to keep praying for it to happen more and more!

As usual, I tried to jot down the funny things you said this month. I know there were many that I missed, but we’ll have fun reminiscing over these for now!

  • You love reading “Fancy Nancy” and learning all sorts of fancy words. You told me that “Houston is fancy for Texas,” but you do also know many fancy words that you’ll use from time to time, such as exhausted = fancy for tired.
  • This Christmas, you were asked if you were on Santa’s nice list. We have taken a different approach, knowing that we are all technically on the naughty list when it comes to our standing before God. We had talked this through with you a few times, so when you were asked about being on the list, you responded: “I’m always on the nice list because Jesus died so that I could be.”
  • This Christmas, you received your own Bible. You loved it and were so excited to receive the treasure of God’s Holy Word. (It was your Christmas Eve gift, and our hearts could not have been more filled with joy than to see you rejoice over receiving this present.)
  • You are getting really good at expressing your emotions. One time, you said, “Daddy, can you carry me?” He said, “Not right now.” You got very sad, and when he told you to use your words, you said, “My legs are tired of walking. It made me really sad when you put me down.”
  • We’ve gone through a sick season with you and J.D. We’ve tried to teach you how to stop the spread of germs. You’re a pro at sneezing and coughing into your sleeve. I guess you think about germs more now than, and so, one time when I sneezed on your bed, you got so sad that you burst in to tears and didn’t want to let me finish my nighttime routine with you.
  • I told you that I was starting to think about your birthday party. You were elated and ran around the room telling everyone, “I have great news!! I have joy in my heart! Mommy is thinking about my birthday party right now!”
  • “We will be so happy to go up there and live with God.”
  • We were telling you about a friend of ours named Ke’Darius. You told us you know another Ke’Darius, who we realized is actually King Darius, from the story of Daniel in the Bible.
  • Big Dad said, “I can’t wait until you come back to Texas in March.” You said, “Then I’m going to call you impatient.”
  • J.D. started cruising, and you got so excited and said, “I need to call my friend, Kylee, and tell her that my brother can walk!” *You are such a good big sister, by the way. You are very nurturing and are helping Mommy take care of J.D.more and more every day.
  • A prayer I overheard you saying: “Dear God, I want a heart like yours. My heart is not like yours, but I want a heart like yours. Our hearts are sick.”
  • After some discipline and a talk, you prayed, “Dear God, I’m sorry I disappointed you.”
  • While being sick at the Piersons, Kyle helped comfort you while Mommy was out. When I came back, you said, “Kyle was so nice to me.”
  • You were so sick that night, and I couldn’t let you sleep in my bed in case you got sick again. (We didn’t want to ruin the Pierson’s bed set.) So I offered to sleep on the floor next to you. You said, “We don’t sleep on the floor! You won’t be comfy.” It was really sweet to see you think of Mommy’s comfort over your own.
  • “What is that reindeer’s name? The one with the shiny nose?”
  • “Holy, not like your pajamas. Holy means perfect and pure.”
  • “Cool man.”
  • “No big deal.”
  • Fairley: Where are you going?
    • M: To Brooklyn to see Miss Leticia.
    • F: But why are you going without me?!
  • Dad: Fairley, we can go anywhere you want to. Where do you want to go?
    • F: Maybe we can go to Applebee’s?
    • D: Ok, do you want to go for lunch or for dinner?
    • F: Hmm, maybe we can go for lunch and then again for dinner?!
  • We’ve had a crazy last month. We spent two weeks with GiGi and Big Dad (and other sweet Texas family), a few days in Dallas with the Piersons, and then we came home and you and J.D. were pretty sick for a couple of weeks with various ailments. We’ve had lots of good family time and snuggle time, though, so I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Fairley, words cannot even express how much we love you and love being your mommy and daddy. It’s an absolute privilege to see the way that God is growing you – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I know he has GREAT things in store for your life, and I’m glad that he’s allowing me to play such a great role in the early years of your life. It’s a joy to spend my days with you. I love you!!!



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