Happy 9 Months, J.D.!



Little Buddy,

You are nine months old now! And boy, you are seeming more like a little boy than a baby these days! It’s so fun to think about how much you have changed in this last month. Here are a few things to remember:

  • You have two bottom teeth, two top teeth, and two more that I can see coming in up top! (I love that right now, the two top teeth you have are not the middle teeth. It’s pretty cute.)
  • This month you learned to pull up, move back and forth from all fours to sitting up position, crawl, and started cruising a little bit. You also use the play table as a walker and can take a few steps behind it. You can also balance and stand alone for about a second. (And you can stand while balancing with one hand and playing with a toy in the other.)
  • You are all over the place these days! We’ve also called you things like Scar Face because you have taken a few tumbles here are there as you’ve learned your new skills. Big Dad thinks you should wear a helmet at all times.
  • You sit up to take baths now. What fun! (But you also like to try to stand up, so we have to make bath time a little shorter sometimes.)
  • You know how to sign “milk.”
  • You gave Fairey love pats and shared lots of (open-mouth) kisses! You’ll even hold our face to give us kisses. Pretty sweet!
  • You do a pretty cute wave for “hi” and “bye.”
  • Words you know: up, mama, bye
  • You can play more independently now.
  • You will sit still for a few books now, and you love to turn the pages yourself!
  • Your favorite song this month is “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”
  • You are a great eater. You don’t love baby food, but you’ll tolerate it sometimes. You’d rather eat what we are eating, and you like to pick things up with your hands and feed yourself when possible. New favorite foods this month were rice cakes, meatballs, and blueberries. You also like retrieving food from the pocket of your bib.
  • When you get excited, you bounce up and down.
  • You are still a Momma’s boy, but you get suuuuuuuper excited when you see your daddy now. It’s pretty cute. You start out with a little coy smile and then slowly erupt into excitement!!
  • You’re still wearing size 6-9 months in brands that run big and 6-12 in other brands, but you’re also becoming a solid 9 month in other clothes. (And some 9 month clothes are too short for your legs!)
  • Your schedule has been kind of crazy the past couple of months, but it seems like some things are getting back on track. One thing I read said that eight month old babies will wake early (5 AM for you, Buddy!) due to all their changes in development. This only makes sense thinking about all the new skills you developed this month! But your schedule is normalizing again to a 6:30ish wake up time, a morning and afternoon nap around 9ish and then 1ish, three solid meals a day, and four nursing sessions. You usually go down around 7ish each night.

Little Buddy, you are a super fun dude. You bring a ton of joy into our family, and we are so lucky to have you.



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