34 Months with Fairley Anne



I cannot even begin to keep up with all the fun things you say and do. Here’s my best attempt:

  • “Let’s have quail for dinner!” (I think you’re learning a lot about the Israelites in BSF.)
  • Your dad asked if you knew what time it was. The big hand was between the 2 and 3, so you said it was “two and a half.” Pretty smart.
  • “Mrs. Tonya brought J.D. some books to eat!”
  • Snowman joke – “What do snowmen like to eat? Snowflakes and milk.”
  • “Graham bearies” = Teddy grahams
  • You say “you guys” a lot. You are a true New Yorker.
  • Getting ready for Christmas, you attempted to wear your stocking and said you just wanted to try it on.
  • “I am checking to make sure my clock is working properly.”
  • “I want to go to Ethan’s. He has an Apple TV…that means that there are apples all over it.”
  • You put the princess in the nativity scene because you said she loves Jesus.
  • One morning after you woke up you said, “Mom, are you hungry? I sure am!”
  • Your dad asked if you could be buddies forever? You said, “I hope so. Are you trusting in God?”
  • I asked if you wanted to taste the cake batter. You said, “But it has raw egg in it!”
  • I said you couldn’t watch Dora one day. But you said, “But she teaches me Spanish!”
  • You said, “I had a dream last night that I had friends coming over.” I asked who. You said, “Uncle Owen!”
  • Eye lid = “Eye cover”
  • I sneezed and you asked if I was sick. I said, “No, I just sneezed.” You said, “That’s part of being sick, Mom.”
  • You saw a bidet for the first time. You said you thought that the “spray potty was a little startling.”
  • “What color is your dad’s hair?” You said, “Red and his eyes are BASIL!”
  • You snuck into the living room where Daddy was sleeping on the futon, played with his hair, and whispered in his ear, “It’s meeeeee!”
  • GiGi said she was going to go in and rescue J.D. while he was crying. Incredulously, you said, “GiGi, you are NOT the rescuer…God is.”
  • A few weeks later, you mentioned again that God is the rescuer. And then you added, “And Diego.”
  • After a hard day of walking in the rain and trying to get a cab, we finally got in a cab and got settled. I was a little flustered, but you looked at me and said, “It’s a great day because it’s raining and flowers need water.”
  • I had taken away your journal as a consequence. You said, “I need my journal or I can’t talk to God.”
  • You told me, “You are the most amazing girl in the world. Except me. You and me.”
  • I said, “Don’t…stop doing that.” You laughed and said, “Why did you say ‘don’t stop doing that’?” And kept doing it.
  • Your dad asked, “What do you do when you’re mad.” You answered quickly, “Pitch a fit.” We had to work on that one…
  • “The flight was GREAT! I got to do everything I wanted to do.”
  • “Do you know about a lunch box?” “Do you know about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?”
  • I asked, “Did you see someone on the street with that lunch box?” And you said, “No, not on the street, the sidewalk.”
  • You called J.D.’s Franky the Hanky whale the Hanky Panky whale.
  • “What do you want from Chick Fil A?” “I would like a cow placemat.”
  • “I’m a little warm. Can I get some air back here?” (in the car)
  • You wanted some disgusting looking “snack bites” at the store. I said, “No, they look yucky. You wouldn’t like them.” You saw the smiling picture of the girl on the package and said, “She LOVES snack bites!”
  • GiGi made a sort of rolling stop. You yelled, “That was a stop sign! You have to STOP at the stop sign!”
  • You can count to 39 without skipping a number.
  • We went upstate for our Field Christmas this year, and you loved the fancy house where we stayed.
  • We’re in Texas now for a couple of weeks, and you’re really excited to be here as always.
  • You had croup this month, but you continue to be one of the best patients I have ever seen. (You did not get this from me.)

Well, sweet girl, I know I’ve missed a few this month because you have said so many fun things. You are a joy to be around. You are loving your brother well these days, and we are praying that God continues to show you your need for him to be able to love others and think of them before yourself. Only two more months until you turn three years old. I can’t even believe it! I love you!



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