Tot School Plans – November 2014


How are we already four days into November?! So we only have two days with Ethan this month due to Thanksgiving and a little trip Freeman and I are taking, so I’m not exactly sure yet how I will fit all of our plans into this month…It will be interesting, to say the least! November and December always have the potential for so many fun activities, but they are also shorter months with the holidays, traveling, etc. My goal is to still do a few things but to not get overwhelmed, as I can easily tend to do. We want the Tot School experience to be fun – not stressful. Fun. Not. Stressful. That being said, we may get behind a little on the letters during these next couple of months, but we’ll try to catch up at some point?! Ok, here we go:

So my friend from Twinsane in the Membrane has done yet another great job of planning for November’s Tot School. You can access her November calendar here.  And you can see her November plans here. Our plan will be to do as many of these fun activities as we can and to maybe add in a few of our own. Maybe. 🙂

This month’s objectives (learning goals) are:

Letters: Gg, Hh, Ii (We might have to save Ii for December!)

Color: Brown

Shape: Star

Number: 2

Themes: Turkeys, Thanks, Water

I also want to do something to cultivate the idea of thankfulness throughout this month. I know there have to be a gazillion great ideas for this out there on the internet, but after a quick search, I decided I might try this one.

Also, here’s a link to last year’s November unit. We might try to do a few of the same activities that went over well last year. We’ll also probably read a few of the same books (if we get them in time). As I went to place holds on Thanksgiving books, I remembered that I was a little late on this, so I went ahead and tried to get a few Christmas books ahead of time, too!

Turkey Baster Water Table- Place 2 pans on a table. Fill one pan halfway with water. (You could also add some food coloring!) Give your child a large turkey baster. Demonstrate how to use a baster. Tell your child that the game is to transfer water from one pan into the other pan using the baster. This is excellent practice for developing fine motor skills!
Fall Sensory Bin – popcorn kernels, pumpkin seeds, leaves, acrylic apples, acorns, pine cones, etc.
Felt Turkey (like the jack-o-lantern)
Turkey Hunt:
Hide pictures of attached turkeys around the room and have child find the turkeys and bring them back to you. You could also play this game as a group and have one child look for one turkey like the Hot/Cold game. The other children could start gobbling as the turkey hunter gets closer to the hidden turkey.
Pilgrim hats (set purchased at dollar store)
Letter GgGoofy Glasses!
(tune:  Ten Little Indians)
One little, two little, three little turkeys, Gobbly, wobbly, bobbly turkeys, It’s Thanksgiving Day!
Gobble, Gobble Turkey
Use this activity to get out some wiggles!
Gobble, gobble turkey standing up so straight (Stand up and flap arms.)
Gobble, gobble turkey running through the gate (Run in place)
Gobble, gobble turkey running all around (Run in a circle)
Gobble, gobble turkey sitting on the ground (Sit down

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