33 Months with Miss Fairley!


Hi Fair Fair,

You’re getting so close to 3 years old; it’s crazy! Here are a few things to remember from this past month in your life:

  • When the time changed, we didn’t realize we don’t really have time for playdates at the park after nap. We were out at the park one time when it got dark, so we started to leave because of rats. You asked what a rat was, and Mrs. Haley said that it was like a mouse with a yucky tail. You got very concerned, jumped in the stroller, and said, “Rats are NOT my favorite!”
  • You have a sparkly shirt that you love. You said, “It’s beautiful. Maybe I should wear it to a wedding or two.”
  • You’re liking to tell jokes more. This month, you told me one about a snowman…oh, how I wish I could remember how it went! (I think it came from Daniel Tiger maybe…)
  • While playing “store,” you started to walk off, and then came back and said, “You forgot to give me a receipt!”
  • You said, “For some reason it hurts behind my ears.” I said, “Maybe from wearing a headband?” You said, “Yeah, and all those crowns.” So true, my sweet princess.
  • This month you saw Frozen on Ice and Fancy Nancy’s Splendiferous Christmas. You enjoyed them both so much!
  • This month, GiGi and Big Dad came to visit!! And you spent a week with Gramma and Papa Tay while Mommy and Daddy took a little vacation to get some extra rest.
  • When we returned from our trip you said, “I missed you so much! When I was in my dark room, I was calling for you!”
  • You also explained the whole gospel to us that night, saying things like “no more death, no more sadness, death is gone forever, it’s thrown in the trash, Jesus died on the cross so we don’t have to.”
  • Here’s a little conversation I posted on Facebook this month:I was explaining our morning plans to Fairley and she asked what “Moms and Tots” is. I told her it’s like a play date, but where the mommies meet together and encourage one another while the kids, or tots, play in the other room. No joke- my sweet girl’s bottom lip quivered, and with tears in her eyes she said, “No, but we need mommies to take care of us.”

    I quickly explained there would be a mommy there in the room to take care of them, which happened to be me today!

  • One time you said something about “if you want some fire in your mouth!” I guess something we gave you was spicy?
  • “I’m having a great attitude.” (Which is true. I’ve seen God grow contentment and self-discipline in you this month!)
  • When you don’t understand what we’re saying, our conversations go like this: “What?” (We repeat ourselves.) “What did you say?” (Repeat.) “No, what did you SAY?” (Repeat and explain ourselves better.)
  • You told me, “You are my favorite girl in the whole world!”
  • You’re learning Bible verses for every letter. One time, I asked you to tell me the verse, and you said, “No, it’s hidden in my heart.” And then, you took “hiding God’s word” very literally and took my Bible one day and hid it. I told you it’s hard for me to find it when you hide my Bible, but you said, “Mom, it’s not even in a hard place! It’s just under that pillow!”

I wish I could remember to write down every funny or smart thing that you say because there are a LOT!!!! I’m loving just being with you these days. You are such a sweet and fun girl. And God has really helped you to be obedient in areas where you were struggling to trust Mommy and Daddy and to trust Him. We are so proud of that, and we are so glad that you are learning so much about God and his Word. We are praying every day that the truth of the gospel takes root in your heart, and that God helps you to believe all that Jesus has already done for you through God’s love for you!! We love you, too!


Mommy and Daddy

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