Tot School Recap with Pics – September 2014


So, the bulk of our plans came from this website, Twinsane in the Membrane. This was a GREAT plan to follow. It was so nice to already have a planned curriculum, and all of the activities were manageable to prepare and fun for the kids.

September Unit:

Letters: A, B, C

Color: Red

Shape: Circle

Theme: apples, plants

Number: 3

And here’s a link to her calendar.

Below are a few activities that I added to our learning this month:

Alphabet Sorting in a Sensory Bin – worked well and was a great review/assessment!

Apple Pie Playdoh to use for counting on mats like this. – Great activity, especially with Ethan’s older brother, James.

We also did some of our same activities from last year, so feel free to check out this post for more September Tot School ideas.

We also did a day on Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (book). It helped buy time while we were waiting for October plans to begin, and it also was fun to talk about all of the letters! We read the book, watched the video, did a letter hunt (with the tree!), and did a matching craft. It was a fun day!

Finally, for J.D., here’s a little sensory activity from last year’s plans:

Sensory Apples – He kind of just wanted to eat these. 🙂 But he loved the sensory bin.
Use the apple template to cut out apple shapes out of cardboard,
sandpaper, foil, red flannel and bubble wrap. Paint or color apples red.
Once dry, help child feel each apple. Use words to describe apples such

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