Happy 7 Months to my Sweetest Little Man!



You are now closer to one year old than to your birth. I can’t even handle that. You’re growing and changing so much. I want to just freeze this time, but I know that it’s good for you to get older. I’m loving every moment of hanging out with you, though! Here are some fun milestones/memories from this past month:

-So at your last appointment, you were 16.5 pounds and 27.5 inches. You’re a tall little guy!

-You are almost outgrowing 6 month clothes already. You fit well in 6-9 or 6-12, though. You are also outgrowing size 2 diapers, but I am determined to finish this huge box I bought before we move up to 3’s.

-You have officially moved out of the Moses basket and into your room with your sister! We have had some ups and downs with the transition, which is to be expected, but overall, you are doing so well!

-You can sit up now, unassisted, for a decent amount of time before toppling over after a toy. You can roll – a lot! You like to get off of any quilt I put you down on to play. I’ve also started to see the beginning of some army crawling. It’s more like a drag, but you’re making some progress. (And Mommy is getting worried that you are about to be able to get into everything!)

-One day, I thought you had rolled really far, but, alas, your sister let me know that she had pulled you by your legs. Oops!

-You love doing airplane, getting raspberries on your belly or neck, laughing at Fairley acting like Oscar the Grouch, and singing/doing “The Grand Old Duke of York.” You also love listening to Mommy make farm animal sounds. Oh, and you love peek-a-boo!

-You love taking a bath, and you are amazed by watching water sprinkle toys (and your sister being silly!)

-I think you recognize your name now.

-You have two bottom teeth coming through right now!

-You started eating solid foods this month! We’re doing a combo of traditional spoon feeding with some baby-led weaning (so, OK, I guess that means it’s still more mommy-led). Here’s a list of some foods you’ve had:

Food Form Like? Allergy? Comments
Applesauce puree yes no
Sweet potato sticks and mashed yes no sticks fell apart easily and burned a little while cooking, mashed was good, but stuck to roof of mouth at first
Carrots sticks and mashed sticks – yes no sticks fell apart a little but steamed/mashed wasn’t thin enough either
Pear large, flat slice yes no kind of a mushy mess, but seemed to actually swallow a little of the solid form, will also try sauce form
Pumpkin puree yes no likes better mixed with applesauce
Banana mashed and with peel/handle love no
Zucchini sticks yes no eats seeds and leaves skin

You continue to be such a sensitive, sweet little guy. I’m excited to get to know you and your personality even more! I love you and am praying for you to be a man of God, who knows, trusts, loves, and obeys the Lord.



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