31 months with Fairley Anne Field


Fairley Anne,

It is so insane that you are still five months shy of being three years old. Somehow, my interactions with you make me forget that you are just barely of “preschool” age, but then, at the same time, it’s crazy to me how quickly your life has already flown by! As always, I had to keep a list of the funny things you’ve said/done, and also just the ways you God is growing and changing you. Here’s what we have from this past month:

  • God is growing love in your heart. It’s so much fun to see, and I am so grateful for the ways he is working in you. There have been times recently, when Mommy was doing something else, that you have gone up to your little brother and comforted him, tried to make him laugh, offered him a toy, etc. without any prompting. I have also seen God continue to grow generosity in your heart as you are learning to share and think about others before yourself.
  • One time, with J.D., we were in the car leaving the airport in Houston and headed to GiGi and Big Dad’s. We heard you talking in the back seat and asked what you were doing. You said, very matter-of-factly, “I’m talking to J.D.,” (who was crying at the time). “I am telling him, ‘Don’t worry, J.D. We are almost there. It’s just right around this corner.'”
  • We love to eat dried mango. One day, I was cutting up a fresh mango. You looked at it and asked me, “Is this mango dry or wet?
  • One day, you put on your sunglasses as we were walking down the stairs and looked up and said, “This is how I be cool.”
  • Randomly you will now say, “I love you, Mommy,” or “I am loving you,” (as you stroke my arm) or “It is so much fun to love you.” Or even, “I love God.”
  • As we’re swimming in GiGi and Big Dad’s pool after it rained, we were talking about how it was a little cold. You bust out in song, “The cold never bothered me any way!”
  • Speaking of Frozen, we were watching it at GiGi and Big Dad’s house when you said, “You know what would make this better? ICE CREAM!” (And you definitely got to eat some!)
  • Visiting Big Dad’s school, the secretary asked you your name, and you promptly responded, “Cinderella.”
  • Later, someone asked, “Are you a princess?” and you responded, “Yes, because God is the king.”
  • We have one mitten left from one of your first pairs of mittens. You love playing with it because you said it’s like you really are Cinderella since there’s only one mitten left.
  • You came back from Texas with a southern drawl this time.
  • You called me in your room around 9 PM one night, and after I sang you a song, you stroked my arm and said, “You are the best mommy in the whole wide world.” I swooned. And then remembered it was WAY past your bedtime!
  • Another night, you came out of your room after you were supposed to be asleep, and said, “I have to sing you a new song! It is called, “Head and Shoulders, Knees and HUM!”
  • One time, before nap, we had a hard interaction. You took a nap, woke up refreshed and very lovey. As we were playing, you looked up and said, “Are you ready to apologize for being mean to me?”
  • I quickly opened and shut a pan of brownies the other morning. You didn’t see me, but you looked around and said, “What’s that smell? I smell something chocolatey!”
  • You go to bed snuggling at least two animals in each arm. Or you like to be in a “nest” where you are completely covered by stuffed animals and all we can see is your face.
  • You made your own pair of mittens using that one mitten we had left from your first pair and an oven mitt. Very resourceful!
  • You were playing at the Helvies, and I saw you do a roll on the top bunk. I said, “Fairley, was that a roll?” You said, “No, it was a flip.”
  • I’m starting to see some “quick obedience” as we call it in our family. Tonight, I was letting you watch a song or two on your “Uncle Aaron DVD’s,” but I told you as soon as I finished the dishes that you were going to need to go to bed. I finished the dishes but decided to sit down at the table and do a few things on my phone. You saw me, got up, turned off the TV, and started to head to bed. WOW.
  • Tonight I also saw you make J.D. laugh harder than I have ever seen him laugh. You were acting like Oscar the Grouch, and he just thought you were hilarious!
  • Speaking of laughing, I handed you some Laughing Cow cheese and asked you what a laughing cow would say. You quickly responded, “Haha, MOO!”
  • Several times today, without being asked, you walked around the apartment and returned things to their place, like J.D.’s toys for instance, and said, “I’m helping my family.”
  • Last night, you were sick, so for the first time ever, Mommy and Daddy let you sleep with us. I would cuddle or snuggle you and think you were asleep, and then a few minutes later, I would feel you rub my arm like I was rubbing yours, or hear you say, “I am rubbing Daddy’s arm.” So sweet.
  • I haven’t done a great job of keeping up with academic assessments, but you can sing the alphabet song, pretty much identify all the letters and most sounds, match capital and lowercase letters, you know colors, can spell some color words, you know most basic shapes, you can count to 30 just skipping a few numbers here and there, you know the days of the week,  you know the difference between a solid, liquid, and a gas, and so much more I’m sure I’m not remembering. You love to play pretend, and you have an amazing imagination. Your memory amazes me. You love to learn. You still love to read. You are actually starting to ask for us to help you “read the words.” You also love breaking apart and blending words playing the “robot” game. You are such much fun to teach every day!
  • You also have a new friend with you in Tot School. Ethan, or “Eefan” as you call him comes to play with us on Thursday mornings, and you guys get along so well and have so much fun together.
  • Today, we had a conversation on our walk about the world that God has made. Mommy was explaining the good news and bad news about this world. During a Google Hangout, GiGi asked, “Do you have any more news for me Fairley?”  You promptly responded, “Well, there’s bad news and good news. The bad news is that everything in this world is broken. The good news is God is going to fix it all.”

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