Fairley Anne – 30 Months



You are growing up so very quickly! You seem to be more of a preschooler now than a toddler, even. We have full-out conversations, you ask lots of questions, you remember lots of things; you’re a sponge – soaking up the world around you!

I can also see God growing you in many ways – I can see him growing generosity, repentance, and love for others in your heart. I pray it only continues with increasing measure. Here are a few things to remember from this month:

  • You are a princess. You play princess all day long. You switch back and forth from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty about ten times each day. You like to wear your ball gown whenever you can. We have explained to you how a princess acts, how clothes don’t make a princess, and how you truly are a princess as God’s child. This is definitely your current obsession, and we are constantly looking for ways to point you to God’s love through your desire to be a princess.
  • My favorite enactment of Cinderella went like this:

You: We are going to the ball game! (Stepping out of your “carriage.”) Watch your step!

Me: Why?

You: There was a dog here. There could be poop.

You are a city girl.

  • One morning, you came in and told us, “My (alarm) clock turned green, and I said, “Well, gotta get up!” (We have a clock that turns green only at the time that you are allowed to get out of bed. I guess you see it more as an alarm than a deterrent.)
  • I will say, though, that the creek of the door opening and the pitter-patter sound of your feet coming down the hall is a beautiful sound that I never want to forget. It’s usually followed with you asking to come up into bed and snuggle with us. J.D. is usually already there eating, and we get a lot of good family snuggle time!
  • Me: What’s your favorite thing to eat? You: Strawberry pancakes that Mommy burns… (??)
  • Your response to silly things (such as Uncle Owen and Aunt Krista’s kitty using the people potty) is, “How can that be?”
  • When you can’t tell if we’re being silly, or if it’s a time that we are being serious, you ask, “Are we joking?!”
  • I told you I was proud of you for something, and you said, “I’m very proud of myself, too!”
  • We were talking about your daddy and how great of a father he is, and I mentioned that God is also your father, and he’s the best father. And you said, “So I have two daddies?!” I clarified – one earthly father and one Heavenly Father.
  • You also love talking about how you are the princess, Daddy is king, I am queen, J.D. is a prince, etc. So we’ve also tried to explain that God is the king. Then you asked about the queen. Jokingly, I said, “She lives in England.” Then I realized, I didn’t mean to put her at the same level as God…so I backtracked and said there’s one true king, but not really a true queen. You got super sad and said, “But the princesses need a Mommy!”
  • This month we went to Brooklyn Bridge Park for a family fun day, and we also went to the beach. Both days we got ice cream. That first day, you waited with Daddy while I went and waited in line to order our ice cream. You asked your Daddy where the ice cream was, and he told you Mommy went to get it. You said, “No, Daddy, I don’t want Mommy to get the ice cream! She will eat it ALL!” You know me so well…
  • We’ve taught you the mantra, “Modest is hottest.” We’ll slowly continue to explain exactly what that means, but you do say it sometimes.
  • The other day you ran over to me and said, “I just prayed and thanked God for my food!”
  • You will also say sweet things like, “We are a family. I love spending time together!”
  • We’ve started having family breakfasts on Monday mornings, and I love getting to do a family devo with you. This week, I think we asked you something that you want, and you said, “To be close to God…to be like God.” I loved this opportunity to explain the gospel and how we can become like Jesus as he lives in us and transforms us to look more like him.
  • We also asked you something that makes you sad, and you said, “When Mommy and Daddy leave.” Then we asked you for something that makes you happy, and you said, “When Mommy and Daddy come back!”
  • This month, you learned and can successfully tell your first knock knock joke:

You: Knock, knock.

Me: Who’s there?

You: Boo

Me: Boo who?

You: Mommy, why are you crying?!


And that, my sweet girl, about sums it up. You are a happy, sweet, funny, smart girl! And we love you!



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