29 Months – Fairley Anne

2014-07-03 10.08.01

Hi my sweet love!

Yet another month of your life has passed by, and with each day that passed, we only loved you more than we did the day before. Here’s a listing of some of our favorite Fairley-isms from the past month.

  • You are such a big girl now. You decided to stop wearing pullups at night, and we haven’t had a problem since. (Except that we are starting to think you sleep walk a little, but that’s unrelated.)
  • You also like to put on your own shoes now and can do it well. You also like getting dressed by yourself (but will graciously accept help when needed. Like today when you were putting your shirt on as pants.) 🙂
  • You love your family. We went to Graffiti Church to celebrate Papa Tay’s birthday. Kareem was on the mic and mentioned that if anyone had anything nice to say about Taylor, they should raise their hand and wait until he brought them the mic. You proudly raised your hand high and took the first turn. You got on the mic and said, “I love you, Papa Tay.”
  • Now you like having your “Sabbath.” You’ll do your “quiet time” and talk to God, write, pray, recite your Bible verse. It’s the sweetest thing.
  • One time, during your quiet time, I heard you say, “God, you made Jesus die on the cross. That was mean.” I mean, seriously, that you are actually processing these things warms my heart. I know that God can take that knowledge and that confusion and add to it love and faith and humility and bring about an understanding that what God did through Jesus was actually the kindest thing he could have ever done!
  • We made our first batch of ice cream together this summer. When you woke up from your nap, you knew it would be frozen and ready. You came out of your room and said, “I’m ready for ice cream. It’s in the freezer saying, ‘Fairley, come eat me!'”
  • One day while you were taking a bath, you let me know that I could “play games on the tablet” like you do when I’m taking a shower. “It’s ok, Mommy. You can play games if you want to.” You also made sure to close the curtain for privacy.
  • “This is going to go up to outer space where everything floats!”
  • You learned the word “onomatopoeia” this month while we read the book Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?
  • F – This strawberr-y is so good. Mom – What does it taste like? F- Heaven.
  • On the 4th of July, I was using my fingernails to get corn out of my teeth. (Not my finest moment.) You asked what I was doing, so I told you. You started doing the same and said you were getting hot dog out of your teeth.
  • “Mines.” (Not mine, but with an “s” likes “yours.” Makes sense.)
  • “What you said?”
  • You are the BEST big sister. You love holding J.D. and making him laugh. You also like finding his paci and giving it to him when he needs it. You even found a burp cloth and wiped his face on your own one day!
  • You have the BEST imagination. On the way home from church yesterday, your dad gave you a bottle of water as your “baby.” You took legit care of that thing. You talked about it the whole way home, told your dad that he was the “grandpa” for this baby, you fed it, used Mommy’s carrier to wear it, and so much more. All with a bottle of water. Wow.
  • You also like to pretend and role play. You wanted to be “Mommy” and told me I was “Fairley.” When you saw me nursing J.D., you quickly and loudly exclaimed, “You are Fairley! You can’t feed your brother! You don’t have any nipples!”
  • You have been known to say that you need to go “pump milk” when you’re pretending to be Mommy.
  • You like to ask Daddy to marry you and he says he’s already married to me. Then he asks you to marry him, and you say, completely emotionless, “Sure.”
  • I kind of forgot the context of these two, but I still like them:
  • “I have no idea.”
  • “You’re not old. You’re new.”

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