J.D. – 2 Months


Hey Little Buddy!

You’re two months old now! As much as it feels like it was just last week that you were born, it also feels like so much has happened since you were born. Your little personality is starting to come out more each day, and it is one of contentment and joy. You are such a happy little guy, and I absolutely love you so much! Here are a few highlights from your second month of life:

  • We were up with you a lot at night this past month. A combination of colic/gas/who knows what made it where we spent every morning from around 4 or 5-7 AM with you – rocking you, patting, bouncing, swaddling, unswaddling, bicycling your legs, pumping your legs, changing your diaper, letting you sleep on our chest, etc., etc., etc. It was a hard time for your dad and I, working off a lot less sleep than we were used to, but we did enjoy the time with you, knowing that it’s all going by so quickly. It also taught your dad and I to depend on God more and to also work more as a team. So, it’s really true that “ in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)
  • Dr. G. let us know that she didn’t think this was acid reflux (because you were too happy of a baby for that to be ailing you) but was probably just colic (or maybe because mommy eats too much cheese). We’re still not sure which it was, but it seems like we’re finally coming out of it all. Although you’re still an early riser, you are starting to sleep a longer stretch. (Seven hours straight the night before Mother’s Day – thank you!)
  • The morning of my birthday was a fun time with you. You woke up early, as usual, around 4 AM. You weren’t happy to go back in your Moses basket, so you slept on my chest. You held onto one of my fingers while I used my pinky as a pacifier for you. We hung out that way until the sun came up on my birthday. It wasn’t a bad way to start my day!
  • You’ve started laughing a little bit. It’s so fun to hear! And you are the SMILIEST little guy. You are so, so happy! Fairley loves trying to get you to smile. She’s also started playing peek-a-boo with you to get you to laugh. She also loves giving you kisses.
  • You loooooooooooooove hanging out in your crib. You enjoy just kicking or watching your mobile or your beehive with the moving bee.
  • One day I left you there a little too long while Fairley and I were getting ourselves ready for the day, and when you were finished playing, you never made a peep and just drifted off to sleep. So peaceful.
  • You have a V-shaped mark on your forehead between your eyes. Dr. G. said it’s called a “stork bite.” It’s a common type of birthmark in infants that is caused by a dilation of the blood vessels. It might go away in 2-3 years. I think it’s cute (and has a fun name!).
  • You got your shots this month, and you did great. You were smiling soon after they were over.
  • You do, however, have a very pathetic sad face when you’re not happy. Your bottom lip sticks out – a lot! It’s the saddest little thing ever, but it doesn’t happen too often!
  • You took your first trip this month to Florida with Gramma and Mommy to celebrate with Aunt Krista. She’s expecting your first Field cousin, Grayson, due in August. We can’t wait for you to have a little buddy to pal around with! It was a great trip, and you were an excellent traveling buddy!
  • You are still on a three-hour eating schedule. You eat at 7, 10, 1, 4, 7, and 10. We had to take out the dream feed last month, but we were able to put it back in now. (It used to wake you up too much.) Now you stretch from your 10 PM feeding until 4 or 5 or so. (And Dr. G. gave us the green light to drop even that feeding, so we’re hoping to have you sleeping a good 8 hour stretch soon…and we’re planning to move you into your room with your sister soon!)
  • At your last doctor’s appointment, you weighed 11 1/2 pounds and were 23 inches long. (I think…it’s hard to read Dr. G.’s writing.)

You are an absolute joy! We love you so much and are excited to see you grow and change. We are praying for you to be a man who loves God and serves Him and others around you.



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