J.D. – One Month Update



You are one month old! We are so glad that God made you a part of our family! You are such a sweet little guy, and we couldn’t be more blessed by your calm presence and snuggly little personality. We are so excited to see all the ways that you learn, grow, and change, and we wanted to start out by remembering your first month.

-When we went to a doctor’s appointment at one and a half weeks old, you had already regained and surpassed your birth weight by 5 ounces!! You weighed 7 lbs 15 oz that day. Now you weigh 10 lbs 2 oz and are 22 inches long!

-You had a pretty serious diaper rash for basically this whole month. Sorry about that, buddy.

-Your eyes are still a little dark, but to me (and Fairley who agrees), they look like they are turning blue. Either way, they are always bright and alert when you are awake.

-Your hair is still light, and I haven’t seen much of it fall out yet. You have a little tuft in the middle of your head that will usually stand up, making it look like you have an adorable little faux hawk.

-To me, you look like a little man, so that’s usually what I call you, “little man.” I also like to call you “little buddy” and “mister man.” Sometimes, I actually use your real name. 🙂

-You are a champ at tummy time. You don’t really complain about it, either. You have some great neck strength and head control developing.

-You are one strong little guy. Your legs can almost propel you to move when lying on your tummy. You worked them out a lot when you were in my tummy!

-You are still in newborn diapers, but we’re currently moving you up to Size 1. You are out of your smallest newborn clothes but still fit in the ones that run larger. 0-3 month clothes are still a little big on you.

-You’ve started to adjust to a schedule. You eat at 7, 10, 1, 4, 7, and 10, and then during the night around 12 or 1 and then 4 or 5. Then sometimes you wake up again around 5 or 6 grunting. A lot. We’re not actually sure why. We think you’re still asleep and just struggling to get out of your swaddle, but we have been giving you some gas medicine just in case there are other reasons. And recently, we thought maybe having you sleep on your tummy would help, so for that last hour, we let you sleep on me. I don’t mind the extra snuggle time at all! (And since some time has lapsed since I started this post and am now finishing it, we went to the doctor yesterday, and she thinks you might have a little acid reflux and colic which act up during this time. She told us to stretch you to only one nighttime feeding and give you some gripe water.)

-I love getting to snuggle with you. Lots of times when I nurse you, you’re asleep, but I love the times that I look down and your beautiful, big eyes are just staring back at me. I couldn’t love you more!!!

-I love this song right now (Oceans, by Hillsong). You’ll probably know it well because I listen to it a lot while nursing you. I usually tend to make it my prayer for you. Here are some of the lyrics:

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders

Let me walk upon the waters

Wherever You would call me

Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander

And my faith will be made stronger

In the presence of my Savior

-You have a mom, dad, and sister who love you very much. Fairley loves tickling your toes to wake you up, giving you snuggles and kisses, and finding your belly button. She also loves to hold you and read to you. She feels very strongly about protecting you. When I have to burp you, she lets me know that those are not gentle pats. She cares about you a lot!

-I’m not sure if it’s because you are my last (planned) newborn or if it’s the mommy-son relationship, but I tend to spoil you a little more in subtle ways than I remember with your sister (mostly involving just picking you up and snuggling you more when you’re having a hard time sleeping).

-I think we are on the brink of some serious smiles from you, buddy. I’m excited to see you grow and to see you respond to your loving family. We think you are pretty great and are so proud of you!

We love you so very much!!!



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