25 Months – Fun Things Fairley Says and Does

Loving big sister

Loving big sister

Hey Fair,

So, I know, I know,  I was planning to stop doing this at two years old, but you just say and do so many fun things that I can’t help but want to record them! So here’s a quick rundown of some of my favorites:

-First of all, you became a big sister this month! When you met J.D., you said that you liked your new baby (doll that we gave you). You said you also liked our “real” baby, too!

-You also loved holding J.D. In the hospital, you were using a pillow to help support him. After GiGi took him for her turn to hold, you said, “May I have the pillow please?” followed by, “May I have my little brother, please?”

-One morning, you woke up and said, “I think J.D. had dreams about me last night.”

-You let us know that you still have “Santa” in your tummy. When we asked when he would come out, you promptly answered, “March 29. Also, the day before J.D. was born, you said, “We are a family,” to me and Daddy. And I said, “And J.D. will be in our family.” And you said, “And my baby will be in our family.”

-Before J.D. arrived, you patted my tummy one day and said, “I love you, J.D.”

-You were so excited to be back in church after a week of hanging out at home with our new baby. When you saw Eva through the bathroom cutout, you yelled, “Eva, I’m coming!!” (to class). So sweet!

-You like to use words like “fantastic” and “terrific” to describe your day.

-We told you that Eva was going to come play. You said, “That would be great. That would make my heart happy.”

-You have started doing a “princess opera” where you sing and dance everything you would normally say.

-You corrected Big Dad by saying, “We don’t talk with food in our mouth.”

-Gramma asked where milk came from. You said “cows.” She asked where cheese came from. You thought and said “mice.”

-I turned off the TV in the cab and offered you my phone to watch videos. You said, “No, I want to watch the news.”

-A lady on the bus asked where you got your blue eyes, and you said, “God. And Big Dad.” Then you told her the eye color of every person in our family.

-You love trying to stall going to bed. You’ll tell Daddy, “I have a secret. It’s a surprise.” And then you’ll think up something silly to stall.

-My personal favorite –

Fairley – I’m Santa, hohoho!

Daddy – Oh, you’re Santa? Are you going to bring me something a present?

Fair – Yes! I’ll bring you THIS! (And you put your hand behind your back, pulled it out, and grabbed your Daddy’s nose!)

-You like to tell me when my hair is crazy (after I’ve washed it) and when it’s beautiful (after I’ve dried/straightened it).

-“That is a great idea.”

-My favorite prayer this month – “Dear God, please make this food healthy for us.”

-Daddy taught you the part of your mouth that holds your tongue. It’s called the frenulum, and you can say that.

-“I realized something…”

-You can tell stories with a beginning, middle, and end!

– I asked you what you should do to get attention (instead of throwing something), and you said, “Pray to God. He will give me attention.”

-One day you said you “catched” something and then corrected yourself and said, “No, I caught something.”

-You found your own name tag at Bible study!

-When thinking about GiGi and Big Dad coming to visit, you said, “That makes me feel very happy.”

-You got a new Hello Kitty doll, and as we were walking down the street one night, you were talking to her, saying, “Do you see the stars and moon, Hello Kitty?” (P.S. – You are still obsessed with HK.)

-You can count to 20 (and only skip 16).

We love you so much! We have enjoyed our two special years with you, and now we’re looking forward to spending time with you as a family of four. You are already such a great big sister. So glad God made you just the way you are!!!




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