Happy 2nd Birthday, Fairley Girl!

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Fairley Anne,

It’s happened! You have turned TWO years old! We had an amazing weekend celebrating your life and the two wonderful, joy-filled years God has given us with you. And can you believe it? In about two weeks or so, you’re going to become a BIG SISTER! God has richly blessed our family, and we are so grateful for you, and we love you more than words could ever express. Now let’s have a recap of some of our favorite Fairley-isms from this month:

-“I’m all done with wintertime.” (Aren’t we all?!)

-“Mommy is a wife. Daddy is a cousin.” Well, close enough. We tried to work on the word “husband.”

-“Dear God, please help me my milk not spill.” (After you were having a hard time with this at dinner.)

-“I pretend to be God. I say, “Shhh, Mommy. It’s ok.” This one was so sweet. Mommy had one of her more emotionally charged weekends (thanks, pregnancy hormones) so you had seen her cry once or twice (or ten times). One day we were talking about how God comforts us. Then a few minutes later you said, “I’m God.” I was thinking, “Oh no, what do I do? Seems a little wrong to let you ‘play God,'” so I asked you about it. You said you were pretending to be God and that you would say, “Shhh, Mommy. It’s ok,” to make me feel better. So, so sweet, and so true that that’s what our God does.

-Daddy’s favorite – at nighttime – “I love you, too, Daddy.”

-You have a princess dress that you love to wear. You also love to refer to yourself as “the princess.” But it’s ok because you also refer to me as “the queen” and your dad as “the king.” Lots of fun!

-You are in love with your baby brother already. You will often cuddle him, give him hugs and kisses, and you constantly say, “J.D., GET OUT!” He’s coming soon, and I’m praying that God continues to grow the sweet relationship you already seem to have with him.

-When I asked you what color hair you think J.D. will have, you immediately replied, “Red like Daddy’s.” When I asked you about his eyes, you said, “blue.” We shall soon see if your predictions are correct.

-You LOVE babies. Not just baby dolls, but babies. Brooke and Ron brought Baby Aly over a few weeks ago, and you couldn’t get enough time holding her, loving her, giving her her paci. It’s so fun to see the nurturing personality God has given you.

-You are learning to encourage other people. I think you hear some of the encouragement we give to you, but you do not withhold that same encouragement from others. “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

-One day, we were doing a fine motor activity you loved using hearts. You kept saying, “I’m not done. I’m focusing on doing hearts.”

-Last week, I gave you a mini cupcake after dinner. You took one bite and then broke off a huge chunk to give to me. I asked if you didn’t like the cupcake, and you replied, “Mommy, it is kind to share.” So true, my sweet girl. God is growing generosity in your heart.

-You were about to watch an episode of Sesame Street, so I asked you what you thought Elmo would be doing today. You instantly replied, “Learning about God and how much He loves him.” High expectations for a public broadcast show, but a great thought, nonetheless!

-You loooooooooove being in kitchen on your step stool. I absolutely love this because I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and it’s so fun that you are right there with me. You like to help cook, help wash dishes, make smoothies, or play with play doh or water beads. It’s so fun having a kitchen partner these days!

-One day, you were very concerned that you needed a book to read on the subway. (I’m guessing because every other person was reading a book on the train. You are very observant!)

-You were arguing with me about wanting to do something your way, and I said, “I understand you want to do it that way, but who’s in charge here?” Your response? “Jesus.” Quite right.

-The other day you wanted to lead me in a “quiet time.” You took out your “Bible” (hands together), and you had some hearts from our fine motor activity. You said there were lots of “hearts” in the Bible (which I explained really was very true). Then you told me to sit and think about God. (I think you got this from going to BSF each Tuesday, and I love that you are learning about these great ways to spend time with and connect with God!)

-You are starting to know the difference between left and right!

-You are potty trained!

What a fun two years it has been! We are praying we get to enjoy many more of these fun moments with you!!! We love you so very much, Fairley!!!


Mommy and Daddy



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