23 Months of Fun with Fairley Anne


Fairley Anne,

Well, my love, it’s happening. This is your last post before you turn TWO years old! I can’t even believe that’s possible!! This month FLEW by, and yet I have a ton of fun things I want to remember about this month with you! So here goes:

  • You LOVE Hello Kitty. You’re also starting to like princesses and Minnie Mouse, but HK definitely has your heart for now.
  • We started potty training this month, and you are doing a great job! You are such a big girl, and we are so proud of you! It has been a hard process (for all of us), but Mommy is grateful for the intentional time it gave us together.
  • My favorite quote from potty training is when after calling a grandparent to tell them the good news, you also wanted to share it with someone else. You hit the button on Daddy’s phone and said, “I went teetee in the potty, Siri!”
  • Another thing I loved from potty training is after you go sometimes, you’ll look at me and said, “Mommy say yaaaay?!” And yes, I do!
  • You are doing such a great job feeding yourself these days. You can also express your emotions. (You were really sad one day because you missed Daddy after having several fun days in a row with him!)
  • You love Pete the Cat books, and you made an extension from the I Love My White Shoes book by looking at daddy’s green shoes and asking, “Daddy, did you step in green peas?!” What a great connection/extension. I would be proud of one of my kindergartners for doing this!
  • I love that you often talk to inanimate objects. “Excuse me, table.” “Hi, moon.” These are some of my favorites.
  • You decided you also have a baby in your tummy. Her name is Santa. She often gets the hiccups and is wiggly, just like J.D.
  • One day in the car, while we were talking, you looked down at your doll and said, “Be patient, Hello Kitty. I am talking to Mommy.” Wonder where you learned that…
  • We got to visit Austin this month and spend time with the Radtke family. You looooved playing with David. You also loved jumping on the trampoline. After awhile of jumping, you laid back in a chair and said, “My head is killing me!”
  • We enjoyed spending lots of time in Texas this month. (We even got to stay an extra five days due to the weather in NY.) When we returned, you found your suitcase, opened the door, headed for the stairs, and said, “I’m going to Texas FOR REAL (not pretend).” You had so much fun with GiGi and Big Dad and wanted to go back!
  • One of your favorite things to do at their house was unwrap Hershey kisses and deliver them to people (and eat some for yourself, too, of course.)
  • Your favorite thing about Christmas was “throwing Christmas balls,” which were actually soft snowballs that MawMaw bought for us to have a Texas snowball fight!
  • When Big Dad couldn’t figure out how to get your balloon down from the ceiling, you told him “Ladder.” When he got your dress stuck over your head, you said, “Zipper in the back.” I think you took care of him that day!
  • Sometimes we think you must hang out with Lil John because you say “Okay!” in just the same way…
  • You got your first mani-pedi this month and LOVED it!
  • When people ask you what you will be when J.D. comes, you confidently answer “good sister.”
  • You like to exercise with Mommy. One day you told me to do squats (and showed me). Then you said it was time for jumping jacks and also demonstrated. Then you told GiGi to do tricep dips with us.
  • Our favorite word this month: “compuger”
  • You’re doing great with counting, and Daddy even has you remember to list 6 when you’re counting now!
  • One of my favorite interactions:

Fair – What’s that? (pointing to my tummy)
Me – What’s what?
Fair – Your belly button’s being silly??

You keep us on our toes these days, but you are so much fun to hang out with! We love you so much!!!!


Mommy and Daddy

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