December Tot School Recap

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I also wanted to provide you with this great Advent resource that we will be using every day during our family time. It includes a passage from The Bible (and specifically, The Jesus Storybook Bible) and an ornament to help remember the passage for the day, all pointing and leading up to the birth of our King. For this great (free) resource, click here.
Bible Verse: “For unto us a child is born.”
Luke 2:11
Books: I’m still looking for others, but here’s a start:
The Legend of the Candy Cane – Fairley liked this one.
Happy Birthday, Jesus! – She LOOOOVED this one!
Curious about Christmas

A Touch-and-feel Book

Curious George Christmas Carols

Curious George Christmas Carols – Just a book of songs…not so “readable.”
The Gingerbread Man
Clifford's First Christmas

By Bridwell, Norman(Paperback – 1994)

Music: Fun songs!
“Happy Birthday!” (to Jesus)

There is a reason for Christmas and Jesus is his name-oh!

J-E-S-U-S, J-E-S-U-S, J-E-S-U-S and Jesus is his name-oh!

“Jingle Bells” – Fairley loves this one already!
Red Song and Green Song – They love these!
I’m sure Christmas music will be playing in our apartment all month long!
Color Focus: RED (Review) and GREEN (Introducing)
Lots of painting with the colors red and green – maybe make our own wrapping paper?? – We painted boxes instead – worked well!
Letter Focus: Cc (for Christmas, candy canes, cakes, candles, Christ) – didn’t really get to the letter
Printable Sheet – fill with stickers of things that start with the letter c
Arts and Crafts:
Cookie Cutter Painting – worked well!
Decorating a Gingerbread House (if not a real one, at least one made out of foam)
Wednesday: (We will probably do art on this day, too, as you can see we have a lot of arts and crafts projects to complete!)
Shape Focus: Maybe introduce star (with ones we see on trees, etc.) And just review triangle and circle
Number Focus: Review #4
MathOne to One Correspondence with a Christmas Tree – I might also let her use Christmas colored M&Ms since she loved the last activity we did using those. (Wonder why?! She got her momma’s love for chocolate!) – worked well with bows (except I didn’t have enough small bows…)
Candy Cane Paint (to be used in a Candy Cane bath!) – Fairley loved this!
Christmas Sensory Bin – not a favorite but still fun!
Dramatic Play:
Felt Christmas Tree (This year we will be adding our advent ornaments to this tree.) – This worked really well!
Retelling the Gingerbread Man story – either using this set, finding one at Michael’s, or making my own.- next year
 Snack Ideas: Lots of good ideas here, but my favorite is the waffle/bacon tree!- We loved this!
 Field Trip: To Texas for Christmas!
 Service Project: Tot Visit at the nursing home


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