21 Months with Fairley


Sweet girl,

I know I can’t continue these posts about everything you do for the rest of your life, but maybe at least until you’re two? So crazy that we are almost there! And right after you turn two, you’ll become a big sister. You are going to be an amazing big sister, by the way. You talk about J.D. all the time. You know where his crib is going to go in your room, you always want to try to find him and feel him move in my tummy. You are so gentle and sweet with your baby dolls, and I know God is preparing you to be gentle and sweet with your new brother, too!

It’s so hard to keep up with all you say and do these days. I know I’m forgetting some things because you never cease to amaze us. Here are a few things I remembered to capture:

  • Yesterday you wanted to stay in your pj’s, but it was time to get dressed, so I said you needed to put on some “real” clothes. You said, “No, pretend clothes.” So glad you know your opposites!
  • You are so good at pretend play. Probably because your daddy has a great imagination, too, and loves to play pretend with you. (Mommy tries, but my imagination is a little lacking most times…) You love to reenact scenes from your favorite show, Daniel Tiger. You love to make full meals for your babies and feed them to them. You like to pretend you are scared at bedtime and have daddy comfort you. There’s no end to your imagination, I’m sure. You love to have coffee dates and tea time with me.
  • Your new answer to most things is, “Ohhh yeahhhh.”
  • You love to say, “Mommy hold.” Even when I’m already rocking you, you’ll lean close and say, “Mommy hold.” I absolutely love it. You are such a cuddler right now, and it’s so fun. You’ll get a blanket and ask to snuggle. Yes, please! I sure will snuggle you!
  • Our favorite thing to hear you say right now is “I love you.”
  • You told me the other day that Daniel Tiger is your best friend. Later in the day you let me know that Curious George is your best friend. You have lots of real (and pretend) friends.
  • Last month, I forgot to write about how you love to say, “Where are you?” when you are looking for someone or something. Then you say, “There he is!” when you have found it.
  • You are speaking in full sentences now. One day, you decided you didn’t like bananas (which you normally do). You very clearly told me, “Fairley no like bananas.” You also say things like “Daddy all done? Fairley’s turn now.”
  • You love singing the ABC’s, and you are getting more of the letters every time. You love singing in general. You sing “End of the Road” and “On Top of Spaghetti” with daddy. You also like to sing, “Hallelujah, Your Love Makes Me Sing.” You love pretending to sing into microphones and pretending to play the piano.
  • You love to stand on the step stool and help me cook, and you do a great job, too.
  • You love standing on your step stool and looking out your window. You could do it all day long, I think.
  • My new favorite word you say = “growm up.”
  • You also like to talk about how God made things. You will tell me that God made this pretty day for me and you!
  • Today we were talking about sharing our toys with other people, and you said, “Fairley find something else.” Yes, that’s the goal. That you’d be ok with sharing your toys and finding something else to play with because God has blessed you with so much, and He wants you to share it. (Theory is a little easier than practice, but we’ll get there with God’s help, I’m sure.)

I love spending my days with you. Thanks for being my sweet little girl.



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