Our Move

As a result of lots of answered prayers and some quick packing, our move starts tomorrow!  We will probably be moving some of our boxes and odd-shaped items in a borrowed car tomorrow, then we are renting a truck on Sat. to move everything else.

Please pray that our move goes well, and that there are no issues.

We our so thankful that God blessed us with an apartment search that did not cause us many tears, and we are amazed at the way he has always provided a place for us even in hard circumstances.  He provided us grace when the first apartment we looked at was terrible, and we were worried that all of them would be like that in our price range.  He continued to assure us that he would take care of us and had the perfect place for our family.  He was gracious as we saw an apartment that we loved get rented by someone else, and guarded us against the fact that they were about to start a multi-year construction project that would have caused all kinds of noise issues in the lot next door.

He then provided us with the perfect 2 bedroom apartment close to the train that can get us to the east side or the west side quickly, with people from our church family already living in the neighborhood, and with the prayer that this new apartment would be a place used to glorify God above all else.

And with an added blessing, we showed up to sign the lease and the rent was actually LESS than we were ready to pay.  Never have I heard of that happening in New York City!

We will keep you posted as we move, but we appreciate all of your support and prayers.

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