20 Months – Fairley

Fairley Anne,

Wow. There is no way that you are already 20 months old?! Where has the time gone? You keep us so busy these days, but we love it! Here are a few of our favorite moments with you:
  • You love taking care of baby dolls these days. You kiss and hug them and sing “Jesus Loves Me” when you’re putting them to sleep.You’re going to be one amazing big sister
  • You know you’re getting a little brother soon whose name is J.D. You give him hugs and kisses, and you also ask to pray for him. So sweet!
  • You can sing most of the alphabet song now, and you’re recognizing more letters!
  • You know the colors: red, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, pink, black, and white.
  • You can count to ten (skipping six, but who’s counting really?).
  • You love Tot School, especially Circle Time. Most mornings, you’ll grab two pillows, throw them on the floor, and say, “Circle Time!”
  • One day when climbing the stairs, we reached our floor, and you said instantly, “Fourth floor!”
  • You are learning manners. You know how and when to say “please” and “thank you,” and even “you’re welcome.”
  • We moved this month, and you totally understood. Before we moved, you would say, “Bye bye fair fair house.” Then one day, you were processing it all, and in the midst of a hard moment, you cried and said, “Bye, bye old house.” But now you love your “new house.” You even have a “new room” all to yourself (for the next four and a half months, at least!)
  • One day, I was changing a very stinky diaper of yours. I asked, “What did I feed you?” and you quickly responded, “Casserole.” So true, my friend, that is what I fed you.
  • You went to the doctor this month for your belated 18-month check up. You loved every minute. You wanted to play with all of Dr. G.’s instruments, and you and Emma just had a grand old time. Even after your shots, you were totally resilient and able to tell Dr. G., “Thank you!” You definitely deserved a treat, so off for an ice cream cone we went!
  • I don’t remember any of your stats except Dr. G. saying that you had grown a lot – in height and weight. She was extremely pleased. I want to say you are right under 30 pounds and about 30ish something inches…
  • One day you were sitting in my lap, stroking my hair, and saying, “Mommy’s hair pretty.” I loved it!
  • My new favorite thing is that you love to hail a cab. You throw that hand up in the air and emphatically yell, “CAB!”
  • One day on the train, while you were wearing your sparkly Toms, a lady complimented your shoes and asked if you were going dancing. You quickly replied, “No. Church.”
  • You pick up on so many things. This month, we have a fall sensory bin. You picked up an acorn and said, “Squirrels eat that.” When I asked you what it was, you replied, “Acorn.”
  • You’ve learned the crosswalk signs. You love to yell, “STOP” when you see the hand, and “Walk,” when you see the little man.
  • One thing you do lately that cracks me up is hide in MawMaw and PawPaw’s curtains and say you are taking a shower. Then you yell, “Privacy please!” as you wash your hair.
  • Right now, we are in Texas visiting GiGi and Big Dad, and you are loving every moment. We also got to spend a fun weekend with Aaron, Heather, and Reid.
You are one loved little girl, Fairley Anne. We are so grateful for God’s blessing of you!
Mommy and Daddy


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