Summer Tot School – Recap

Here’s what we did:

Bible Verse: Psalm 24:1

“The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it.”

(We can use this to talk about ocean animals but also to talk about the importance of sharing because everything we have is God’s anyway!)

Books: I think we were able to get all of these books and loved every one of them!

At the Beach

By Yoon, Salina(Book – 2011)

Loved this one! Very simple, but interactive!

Baby Loves Summer!

A Karen Katz Lift-the-flap BookBy Katz, Karen(Book – 2012

Fairley loves all of these books!

By Oud, Pauline, 1963-(Book – 2011)

Noodle Loves the Beach

By Billet, Marion(Book – 2012, c2011)

Love it!
Spot Goes to the Beach

Love it!

By Hill, Eric, 1927-(Book – 2005, c1985)

Where Is Baby's Beach Ball?

A Lift-the-flap BookBy Katz, Karen(Book – 2009)

Love it!

Color Focus: Sorting – I’m going to order these counting bears and get the girls used to sorting. Girls love these. For now, we are still exploring, but I try to model sorting when I can.

Let’s Go Fishing! Playset to practice colors – such a great activity from LakeShore

Shape Focus: We will continue to talk about circles and also balls (spheres).

-We will also talk about circles while doing this activity with Cheerios (which is also good for math and fine motor). – We tried putting Cheerios on a pipe cleaner. It worked, but most Cheerios got eaten first! 🙂

Letter Focus: Review Ss and introduce Bb

-We still didn’t focus much on one letter. We did start singing the alphabet, which both girls are picking up on quickly, and we added magnet letters and initial sound pictures to the refrigerator. Right now, we are just doing the first five letters.

Music: Grooveshark – not sure I actually even updated this…

I haven’t been great at doing thematic music, but here are some songs we love right now:

-Grow/Go Bananas

-Zoom, Zoom, Zoom We’re Going to the Moon!

-Herman the Worm


-Jesus Loves Me

Dramatic Play:

-I actually found an underwater felt scene at Michael’s, and they love it!

Art Exploration:

Crab handprint – adorable

Sun craft – skipped this one – wasn’t my favorite when I went back to look at it

Tissue Paper Fish – just colored a fish and put googley eyes on him – they love those things!


-We also just did some good old fashioned finger painting.

Science/Sensory: Lots of sandbox time at the playground

Shell Sensory Bag – got a little messy

Under the Sea Sensory Bin? – They love this!

-Or maybe some water play (with squirt bottles, scoops, eye droppers, etc.) – another month – didn’t get to this

Seashell prints in playdoh – still need to make new playdoh!

-We also took a blue bath with our underwater pieces form the sensory bin, and we were able to talk about how those pieces sunk while most of their other bath toys floated.

Math and Motor Skills:

-Bead Paper Towel Rolls on Straws – realized we have a toy that does this same thing.

Numbered Cups and Balls – They enjoyed one round of this; then I realized we also have a toy that basically does this.

We also practiced counting with sorting bears.

-Continued one to one correspondence practice with ping pong balls and mini muffin tins – they love this activity, but be ready for ping pong balls to fly (and to find them under your furniture for months!)

Snack Ideas:

-Blue jello and goldfish – We ate goldfish for sure! They’re not super in to “cute” snacks yet!

–Maybe we will make our own mini pizzas with mini pepperonis to celebrate the circle. (last month) – They both loved these. It made a great, easy lunch!

Field Trip: We took a quick trip to the beach, and Fairley loved every minute!

Service Project: Tot Visit at the nursing home (2 x a month)


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