17th Months Old – Fairley Anne Field

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Fairley Anne,

I can hardly keep up with all your are learning. Let’s just say that you are keeping me on my toes, for sure! You are one fun girl. Here are some things I want to remember from this month:

-I can’t remember if I put this last month, but sometimes in the morning, first thing, you’ll say, “Bow!” which you really do need because your hair is always in your eyes in the morning. We also have a new morning cuddle tradition that includes the whole family, and we love it.

-You tasted an orange that was a little sour, and you said, “sou sou!” I love that you knew what that word meant and used it correctly (in your own little language).

-You still say “amen” at the end of every prayer. Your dad taught you to fold your hands when you pray, too. One night you just kept saying, “more, more” for prayer. We loved that and pray that you truly do have a heart that wants to spend more time talking to God.

-You learned how to open the door to your room from your crib. We learned how to block it so everyone gets more sleep. 🙂

-Your dad taught you how to dust off your hands when they get dirty playing at the park. You say, “dirt,” and dust them off. So cute!

-Your dad has a very funny story about you negotiating with him for more bath time and two bagels. Now when he tells you one more minute in the bath, you always say, “two!”

-One night I was trying to get you to eat carrots or something else good for you when you saw sweet potato fries (that weren’t cooked yet). I kept saying, “These carrots are yummy.” You pointed and said, “Fries yum!” Smart girl!

-I definitely can’t keep up with all of your new words. You are like a parrot these days. Here are some I remember: dirt, gold, echo, pray, hot/cold (and you know the difference), bee, down, cuddle, plate, toot (Thanks, Dad), cord, piece, bunny, dip, cake, one more, hug, corn, walk, strap, tutu, pool, boy/girl (and you somehow know the difference?!), bagel

-You know and can say the colors blue, pink, and purple. You know the sounds for b, p, and f. You also know the shape oval.

Every day with you is a gift! Thanks for being our sweetie pie! We love you!

Mommy and Daddy

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