16 months with Fairley Anne


Love Bug,

Every month with you just gets to be more fun! There is absolutely no way that I will be able to keep up with all the new fun things that you are doing. I’m still trying my best, but you never cease to amaze me with all you are learning these days. Your dad and I just love getting to interact with you so much!!! Here are a few of the highlights we don’t want to forget from this month:

-You like to look outside for the weather each morning. You can say “sunny” and “rain rain.” If it’s sunny, you squint your eyes. If it’s raining, you ask to sing the pitter patter song!

-You like to dress up now, and you’ll occasionally put on your purse and maybe a necklace and walk towards the door saying, “Bye, Bye.” When I say, “I love you,” you blow me a kiss and are on your way! You also like to go show Dada when you have on something pretty. (And you even know the word “pretty” too!)

-We had an encounter with a NY squirrel this month. You definitely made contact with his nose. He didn’t bite you (Praise God!), but it did scare you. Now we talk about how we can’t touch squirrels. (Who even knew that squirrels would get close enough and stay still for long enough that that’s even possible?! Not this Texas girl; that’s for sure!)

-When you want me to do something with you, like sit next to you, you’ll pat and say, “Me,” because I’ll say, “You want me to do that?” You’re a smart girl.

-You’re getting great at pretend play. One day you caught a fish and then went and cooked it for Gramma. You amaze me!

-You’ve started saying “thank you” without being asked, and you’ll repeat it until someone says, “You’re welcome.”

-Your dad taught you what tree bark is, so now you love looking at the trees and saying, “bark, bark.”

-You already have an opinion on clothes. I try to let you help me pick out your clothes each day, and it’s amazing that you definitely have an idea of your style already!

-You love your purse and you carry it around with you across the city. One day you held on to it for an entire train ride (while I was wearing you) and then continued to hold on to it the whole time you played at the park.

-You actually let me trim your nails now, which is an accomplishment. When I finish one hand or foot, you promptly hand me the next one. I never thought this day would happen! If only I could figure out a way to clean out your nose without sending you into a frenzy. (And you did learn the word “booger” – oops!)

-You love to drink your milk in your “rock rock” (rocking chair). Actually, you call every chair a rock rock.

-Here are some new words you’ve learned: pretty, booger, rock rock, applesauce (you say this one clearly), peaches, backpack, noodle (clearly), rain rain, rock, dino (dinosaur), high chair, ele(vator), ora(nge), owa (Owen), Velcro (so random!), salsa (very clear and so cute!), bagel, ready (one of my favorites!), boy, girl, bottle, goggle, pray, elbow, knee, I dunno, happy baby

I know there are some things I’m missing because it’s just so hard to keep track of all your new developments! I’m so excited to continue to watch you grow!

I love you!!


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