May Tot School Recap

I’ll be honest that I’ve been better at creating these plans than actually completing some of them, but that’s ok! I still like to have some “go-to” ideas to keep us busy and somewhat focused. I’m starting to feel the need for a little more structure, so over the summer, I might completely revamp my planning style, but for now, I press on with themes.

Bible Verse:

“The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of our God will stand forever.”

Isaiah 40:8

I want to really write this one on my heart as well because I’ve been praying that God would help me to have more of a love for His word. I know that it’s living and active (Hebrews 4:12) and necessary for my life, and I want to inspire a love for God’s word in the girls, too!


Baby Loves Spring! – continued from last month

Alphabooks – Fairley loves these!

We found a few other books at the library that we really like, so we’ll keep using those! We just read a lot! Our books don’t usually always fit the theme yet.

Color Focus: Blue

-We might take a blue bath with blue water and blue toys! – The weather got so nice that we didn’t need to spend as much time indoors, so we missed this activity. I’m sure there will be another time for it!

-We will also do a lot of color mixing. I bought an eye dropper so the girls could color mix more with it (something they can manipulate themselves.) – We did do a bit of mixing. We used an eye dropper and ice cube trays. Emma could almost manipulate the dropper herself.)

-We also painted blue circles with a circle sponge on a stick.

Shape Focus: Circle

Food Container Prints with Circular Containers – We tried this, but the girls didn’t love it, which surprised me!

(This book, by the way, is awesome. It’s a free Google Book with lots of amazing ideas for toddlers!)

-Sticker Art with dot stickers – We used our circle stickers from Trader Joe’s.

Letter Focus: Ff – We don’t usually do a whole lot with the letter yet, but Fairley likes to make this sound (and it’s “her” letter), so we’ll go with it!

Ff Do a Dot Page

Swimmy the Fish

F is for Frog and Flies

E enjoyed all of these!

Music: Grooveshark Playlist – This will be a work in progress…same list as last month’s.

-Tiny Tim (Turtle Song)

-Parts of a Plant (by Dr. Jean)

-Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

-Itsy Bitsy Spider

-If You’re Happy and You Know It!

-We also love “The Wheels on the Bus”

Dramatic Play:

-Continue with dress up – Fairley left a green wig on for about thirty minutes one day. She’s so silly!

-Babies and bottles – They love this!!

-Felt Spring Scene – I need to add something to spruce this up a bit…I think the girls are getting bored with it!

(I didn’t add to it, and they are bored with it. Time for a change!)

Art Exploration:

Here are some great ideas for flower art projects (Mother’s Day)

I think we will definitely do the coffee filter flowers. – Check!

Mother’s Day Coloring Pages


-Coloring Flowers (using carnations, water/food dye) – We did this yesterday, and our flowers are starting to show some blue now!

Bird Seed Sensory Bin – I just changed up the contents without changing up the sensory material. (Bird seed was expensive in the city!)

Math and Motor Skills:

-Matching- Mother’s Day Purse – I might try to adapt this activity somehow. – Next year! They did love digging in my makeup bag, though!)

-I love this activity for one-to-one correspondence, but it’s too advanced. I’m listing it so I’ll remember it for later!

-Muffin tin one-to-one correspondence – Looking for a manipulative to make this really fun! Thinking about ping pong balls since they’ll fit just right, but would also love a manipulative to fit the theme! – Ping pong balls were so fun!

Snack Ideas:

Flower Snack (and also some great ideas for flower-themed unit)

-Maybe we will make our own mini pizzas with mini pepperonis to celebrate the circle. – next month

-Blue jello and goldfish? – next month

Field Trip: Going to a community garden to see more flowers! – Fairley, Freeman, and I went, but most of the tulips were out of bloom. 🙁

Service Project: Tot Visit at the nursing home (2 x a month) – One of our favorite outings!

IMAG2389 IMAG2388 IMAG2387 IMAG2386 IMAG2385 IMAG2384 IMAG2383 IMAG2382 IMAG2381 IMAG2378 IMAG2377 IMAG2355 IMAG2354 IMAG2332 IMG_9616 IMAG2362 IMAG2361 IMAG2351 IMAG2350 IMAG2349 IMAG2348 IMAG2346 IMAG2344 IMAG2343 IMAG2342 IMAG2341 IMAG2340 IMAG2339 IMAG2338 IMAG2337 IMAG2336 IMAG2331 IMAG2330 IMAG2309 IMAG2318 IMAG2316 IMAG2308 IMAG2304 (2) IMAG2304 IMAG2303 IMAG2300 IMAG2298 IMAG2296 IMAG2295 IMAG2284 IMAG2293 IMAG2283 IMAG2157 IMAG2156 IMAG2155 IMAG2154 IMAG2153 IMAG2152 IMAG2151 IMAG2150 IMAG2149

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