March Tot School Recap

March was a very busy (but fun) month! Check out what we did!

Bible Verse: “He is not here; he has risen, just as he said!” Matthew 28:6

Books: We loved reading these a lot!

 Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs?

Easter – Touch and Feel

What Is Easter?

Color Focus: Green

-Mixing blue and yellow to make green. (We used water this time, and E really liked it!)

-Book – Little Blue and Little Yellow

Shape Focus: Oval – Stickers activity – E liked this. She was pretty good at keeping the stickers inside the oval.

Oval sheet

Letter Focus: Ee

Easter Coloring Page

Easter Coloring Page 2

E Is For Egg Coloring Page

Music: Grooveshark Playlist

Here Comes Peter Cottontail
Little Bunny Foo Foo

Art Exploration/Dramatic Play:

Do-a-Dot Art – E loves dotting!

Handprint Gift Ideas – missed this one; maybe next year

Tissue Paper Cross – they loved shredding the paper better than sticking it on the cross

Felt Easter Basket – same as our Christmas tree/snowman – I actually made a full spring scene, which they seem to like!


Easter Sensory Bin – a hit!

Chocolate-Scented Playdoh…a little worried to make this since Fairley already loves eating playdoh…saved this one…

taken from this blog

1 ¼ c. flour
½ c. cocoa powder
½ c. salt
½ T. cream of tartar
1 ½ T. cooking oil
1 c. boiling water
Mix the dry ingredients. Add the oil and boiling water. Stir quickly, mixing
well. When cool, mix with your hands.


Cross Color Puzzles – E liked these.

Color Matching (eggs with pompons) – We kind of just played with and counted pompons, but the girls loved it. They like to put them in a jar and dump them out.

Motor Skills: 

Plastic eggs in and out of carton – loved this

Cross Lacing – next year

Snack Ideas:

Lots of ideas from the Happy Home Fairy – oops! we didn’t do any special snacks this month!

Field Trip/Service Project: Hoping to start serving at the nursing home once a month – starting next month, I hope!


IMAG1896IMAG1897IMAG1895IMAG1893IMAG1892IMAG1890IMAG1889IMAG1888IMAG1887IMAG1886IMAG1881IMAG1882IMAG1883IMAG1884IMAG1885IMAG1880IMAG1879IMAG1877IMAG1875IMAG1874IMAG1861IMAG1870IMAG1872IMAG1873IMAG1850IMAG1849IMAG1848IMAG1847IMAG1843IMAG1842IMAG1836IMAG1835IMAG1834IMAG1697IMAG1682IMAG1678 (2)IMAG1678IMAG1663IMAG1660

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