13 Months for Fairley Anne


Oh my goodness! I don’t even know where to begin on recapping your thirteenth month! It’s been such a busy, joy-filled month with so many fun things happening and with your developing in so many new ways!
-This month, we got to celebrate your birthday with our family and NY friends. GiGi and Big Dad and Aunt Tonya came in for the occasion! You had a great first birthday party filled with fun company, sweet treats (you loved the cake and cupcakes), and lots of love. Then you got to spend the week enjoying the company of GiGi, Big Dad, and Aunt Tonya.
-So this month you started taking some steps. Your first official steps were taken at the children’s museum, and Mommy, GiGi and Big Dad were there to see! Then you took some more steps when you got home that evening, in front of a big crowd, which included Daddy and Gramma, too! Since then, you’ve built up more confidence, and I know you will be running everywhere soon!
-Here are some new sounds you’ve learned this month: rooooooar, baa, neigh, pig sound (not just oink, but the kind you try to do in the back of your throat because that’s how you heard Emma do it), whooo, squirrel (an interesting one your dad taught you), monkey, Keurig coffee machine (Aunt T’s favorite), mommy’s toothbrush, shhh, and I’m sure  a few more I’ve forgotten to mention.
-You’ve also learned new words: “eye,” night-night, “nay” which has now turned into a very adamant “no”, the beginnings of “my,” and very clearly – “Emma.” She was gone for a week visiting her grandparents while your grandparents visited you. You asked multiple times each day for Emma. We had to keep saying, “No, not today.” So eventually, you started saying, “Emma, no,” with a very sad sound in your voice. You were so glad when Emma came back this week!
-This month you learned the sign for “please.”
-Now you can give high fives, and you’ve started to blow some more kisses!
-Here’s a fun story from this month. Mommy and Daddy were on a date, and we were looking at pictures of you on my phone while we sat on the bus. The lady behind us quickly ended her phone conversation and said, “Show me more pictures of that cute baby!” She loved this one picture of you with a big bow in your hair (always) and your foot up in your high chair. She just kept going on and on about how cute you are. Then she had to call her friend back and explain why she hung up on her.
-Another fun story that displays how much receptive language you are learning is one night this week when you woke up in the middle of the night. You don’t usually wake, and if you do, you usually put yourself back to sleep. For some reason (maybe a cold), this night, you needed some extra rocking time with Mommy. So I brought you into the living room and sat down in the rocker. Daddy came in and was setting things up for us because I had a feeling we were going to end up sleeping on the couch. I asked Daddy to go look for your paci, and you popped up and stuck it in my face. I didn’t even know you had it with you the whole time, but you did! And you knew we were looking for it! Then when I thought you were asleep, I said, “Maybe we can try to lay her down,” but you shot up and cried, “No, no, no.” So sad! We kept rocking. Then we moved to the couch. I would think you were asleep, and then you would pop up and say, “Outside, no. Emma, no. Mama, Dada.” It was the cutest thing (even though it was 2 AM.) Finally, I fell asleep, and I’m assuming you did, too. Fun memories, my sweet girl!
-You went to the doctor this month and did a great job! You got some shots (one of which resulted in fever and non-itchy chicken pox), Dr. G. drew blood (and you did great), and we found out that you are continuing to grow and develop right along your growth curve! I think you weighed a little over 22 pounds. You were 75th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference.
I feel like there are were so many fun events and developments this month that surely I am forgetting something, but just know, sweet girl, that each moment with you is a moment filled with joy and an experience of God’s sweetest blessings in my life.
We love you!
Mommy and Daddy

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