Mommy and Daughter Adventure Day – Grand Central Centennial Celebration

Last Friday was a fun day, Fairley! It was the 100th anniversary of Grand Central Station. That’s a big deal! We couldn’t miss the party, so we loaded up your stroller, invited Brooke to join, and headed down to 42nd Street. It was a madhouse when we arrived, but we made our way to the Transit Museum to see the Christmas Train Show. You liked looking at the trains going round and round. You also liked the Christmas lights on the ceiling. You pointed out your favorite train to Brooke. It was the one that went through the mountain. When we were finished looking at the train exhibit, we went head-on into the crowds by heading into the Dining Hall. We wanted to get food at 1913 prices. (That means fries and gelato for 10 cents!) We navigated both lines and ended up with both treats. You were happy to eat a few fries and some bites of gelato. Then we headed back home for a quick nap, followed by a trip up to Haley’s for a Valentine’s Day party with all your friends. Such a fun day full of laughter, love, friends, and memories. I love you! Can’t wait for another adventure with you!










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